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>God, its like it was written by a retard.

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>Steel brethren
>Extensive use of transports and drop pods
>transports and drop pods
>drop pods
>drop pods
>drop pods

Fuck you, Gav, you colossal fucking faggot.

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He is like Sasha Grey: fapable sometimes, but god damn, this face deserves punching.
Maybe because it's Maugan Ra.
I believe they don armour initially an become empty suit if it withers with age.

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He's feeling pretty good about it.

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It's not a very flattering photo. Kind of like that one of Mat Ward where he has short hair - which also happens to be the only time I've seen GW spell his name with two 't's.

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>The short answer is that I don’t know who is right. From conversations a few years ago (before the Heresy series started) I was always left with the distinct impression that the Legions each had many tens of thousands of Space Marines. A more accurate number may have been discussed in the meetings between Alan Merrett and the authors when the novels were being planned, but I wasn’t there so I can’t say for sure.

>One argument I’ve read that 100k+ Legion size is too big is that the rough number of Chapters founded when the Legions were split would show around 95% casualties in the Legions during the Heresy and the Scouring. It’s precisely because of these horrendous levels of casualties that I think the power of the Space Marines was wholly shattered by the civil war. Not only does the larger size of the Legions make more sense of their accomplishments during the Great Crusade, it also has more narrative poignancy to think that such huge armies were laid low, and the Space Marines fell from the highest pinnacle not only of spirit but also physical power.

>Like many things concerning the Heresy, others may have a different view.

>The lasting impression I always have of the Heresy is from a picture in the original Space Marine rulebook, showing thousands of Astartes disembarking from huge Capitol Imperialis super-heavy transports with immense dropships plunging down form orbit. In the world of 40K (or 30k) big is beautiful!


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And Gav's "subtle" take that to Chaos players.

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