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How would you guys base Oldcromunda miniatures on the new bases?

Whatever base size their modern equivalent is on?

Because I'm surprised that GW has limited their use of the 32mm bases, some of the new kits look a bit big to be on the 25mm's.

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It's just unaesthetic visually...Esher shouldn't be the ones having boring hair and face masks...the abs look retarded...the proportions are too manly....these scales clash with the rest of the design etc.
And then there is no reason stylistically or thematically why Esher should use a fantasy looking bow or bow in general.

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For Comparison Escher got about a head taller and come on 32mm bases. They may be quite tall for cultists but not ridiculous. If you're taking all newer models of Chaos Space Marines they'd be fine I think but they'd look suspiciously strong in comparison to older models.

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