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okay let's get a little more intimate here

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I've had slavery, rape, body-horror and mind control in my games.

Players hailing from a "modern" society have just crash-landed on a desert. They come across a small village, do some quests there and finally want to move on. They hear that a trader is looking for guards for her caravan. The players agree to guard her caravan, but once they leave the village they find out that the cargo is slaves. Most characters are not okay with that even after they find out that slavery is a punishment for criminal offenses, but only one of them acts on it.

Multiple occasions. Sometimes it is because the characters are abusing others, sometimes because the society in the world doesn't acknowledge it as a vile thing or sometimes it is miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Because of the systems I've used, sometimes characters get transformed and maimed. If it is fast and fatal, it is usually only a nasty way of dying. However, sometimes characters have suffered crippling injuries and continued playing. In those situations it depends on player how much of the emotional aspect they want to pursue, but the range goes from only playing the mechanical disabilities to fully trying to comprehend how a certain character would think when such a horrible event comes to them.

>Mind control, possession
For example in the current campaign the players have come across a plot of outsiders infiltrating the organization the players work for, and mind control and possession has been the tool used by the outsiders in order to gain influence in the organization. In the beginning players became a little paranoid and felt sad when the circumstances forced them to harm their brethren, but they have pulled trough and are close to ending the menace and the campaign.

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Yes, spending 5 pages describing walking through a swamp is subtle, and not unnecessary and dull.

I'm just going to start posting trap-Sauron, just to piss you off.

Wow, you are retarded.

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They would both be too wise to fight.
They would have to learn to love.

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You're even disgusting me, right now, and I'm not even in favor of oppressing gays, just by thinking you're owed special treatment not to be caricatured and using terms like "cisgendered".

You're a disgusting mental illness. Homosexuality is one thing; something I don't have a problem with; but you? You're a disease.

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>Rule 63
Hey, welcome to the internet... this ain't rule 63, boyo.

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I find it kind of ironic that no picture of Sauron was posted, and he brought this on himself!

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I will fight you

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Yes. (1) They were a symbol of purity, and anyone not pure of heart or some such who touched them was horrifically burned. After Melkor held them, his hands were permanently charred and he was forever in pain.

(2) They were forged from the light of the Two Trees, which I think are--to a greater or lesser extent--symbolic of the Sun and Moon. Ungoliant destroyed the trees, so the Silmarils became the last remaining light of the tree. So Melkor stealing them was akin to stealing the sun and moon.

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Bless your persistence

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>dem lips

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Maybe he's a refugee from a less tolerant board.

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>He did a lot of Morgoth's fiddly work.
Oh, he worked Morgoth's fiddle alright...

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Ok I'm not a Tolkien fan but I KNOW the Eye Of Sauron wasn't that literal in the book

and pic related

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Trap Sauron is Best Sauron.

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Here's the link.

This artist likes beautiful men. So far that I've seen, everything is SFW


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