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Okay so /tg/ I have a question for you related to the space wolves long fangs unit composition.
In the army codex it says the following:
*1-5 long fangs
*1 Squad Leader
That means that I need the squad leader or is it just an option?
I ask this because the Devastator Squad box comes with 5 units not 6 does it not?
The grey hunters pack or the blood claws it says only 5-10 grey hunters respectively 5-15 blood claws (as in it does not mention any squad leader).

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Oh, sorry didn't know what FLGW stands for but anyway, I'll place my orders there and see how it goes. Cheers!

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I have never really involved myself with Warhammer, with the exception of playing one of the 40k games on PC a few years back.

I fucking love the universe (or, what little I know about it) and would love to get in to it more.

My main incentive for doing this is so that I may eventually get myself involved in Dark Heresy or something, and I think the best way to do it would be to ask you fa/tg/uys for some suggestions.

Are there any games I should play? How about books? Online novels/comics etc?

I don't plan on actually getting in to the tabletop figurine stuff, just the lore and potentially pnp stuff.

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Hey fa/tg/uys,
I enjoy reading 40k novels (kill me I know) but I have two issues with the novels in general, those being:
1.Horribly,horribly written novels are blurted out of pap nurgles asshole constantly.
2.Most in no way change the background of 40k or actually give great insight into the universe other than whats already been established.

Any chance you could post a few novels that are must reads?Particularly horus heresy novels (currently at novel 12 in the series, havent read one since).

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ummmm no....no you dont

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ITT we post character ideas that we have not yet used.
Whether its because a game never came to be or you just had an idea you thought of one day.
We also either encourage,discourage or tweak eachothers ideas.

My friend wanted to start a Warhammer 40k PnP game (I forget which one) and we were all Chaos characters.

I had an idea for a Space Wolf Scout Sergeant that went on a one man rampage after his whole team was killed in an ambush even after he was called to retreat. He stalked and systematically crippled a Chaos base until he and a Sorcerer met (said sorcerer was another PC) and made me realize I wasn't doing this out of respect for my comrades but because I liked the hunt itself.
Now I was thinking of either converting to either Khorne or Slaanesh.
The latter makes sense to me because hes not a wild raving bezerker like someone who worships Khorne. He takes pleasure in killing but its not explicitly sexual its the satisfaction of a job well done. And hes restless any other time except when hes stalking or planning an attack he goes into a zen state of intense concentration. He wants to perfect that side of him to become the perfect killer.

He was going to be the "rogue" of the group. Long Range sharp shooting, Setting traps and other such stuff.

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Id hit it with my bayonet.

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Are Space Wolves really shooty fluff-wise?
Which Space Marine chapter would be considered the most shooty?

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hes pretty dope

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So I was thinking to myself the other day--I doubt games workshop will ever 'end' at least fluff-wise 40k or fantasy. Now 40k's closer to my heart, because I've been playing it since I was a small child, but I'm wondering what you guys would think would happen, or what would be the best [most appropriate, not necessarily good] ending to either 40k or fantasy battle.
Picture unrelated.

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Hello /tg/

So I stopped playing Warhammer:40k around 2004 after the "Eye of Terror" summer campaign and the 13th Black Crusade.
Now I frequently started to browse /tg/ and want to get back into the hobby.

Could anyone give me a short summary of what happened in the years I missed?

(I used to play Space Wolves if thats of any importance)

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you should they are awesome fun. i have both.

also i thought i told you to fuck off

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shhh its medicine, let him work

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cant hear you over the sound of your asses getting kicked

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i prefer blood angels as allies but SW dont get on to well with GK.

sense your taking the piss though

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So, I'm planning on starting a Space Wolves army to take full advantage of overwatch in 6e. My list has 2 Long Fang units. Originally, I had it set up that one unit would have 4 heavy bolters and the other would have 4 lascannons. The best thing about this was that if I bought 2 dev squads, I'd have all the bitz.

I was advised from a couple places, that 8 missile launchers would be better, however, dev squads only come with 1 missile launcher a piece. And I'd really rather not spend $200+ on devs alone.

Any thoughts?

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Worshipping Chaos makes you gay

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Terminator Armor at a minimum, just so he's survivable enough to get something done. Same goes double for the Storm Shield and (to a lesser extent) Fenrisian Wolves.

You can go with a Thunder Hammer but I'd rather take a Chainfist (either represented by one or a converted-up chain-glaive like I'm doing) so he can take on tanks as well as the big stuff.

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i'd actually like to know if deathwatch is all about combat all the time, or if it has decent non-combat sequences like the intrigue offered in DH or RT

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