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1.You realize blanks are so rare they're in the realm of 1 out every 1,000,000,000 people or so right? With typical human biology it would take hundreds to thousands of years to get people through it.

2.Not that simple, it's not like they just need some deodorant and people will like them all the sudden. If you null the blank effect then what is the point of having them in the first place?

3. Again, this is insanely stupid. The imperium is so stupidly big that just getting all the known blanks to earth, if you could even find them, would take decades.

4. Not how that works, xenos also feed chaos. Slaneesh for example would be fine as it's got tasty eldar souls.

5. Again, you're an idiot. The imperium is so impossibly vast this would never work. There are single hive planets with populations in the 10's of billions. How do you plan to move these people, organize them, or hell even just keep track of them? How will you deal in the lost worker productivity, how will you deal with pulling soldiers off of active duty to bang some random blank? How will you contain the legions of stupidly zealous pilgrims, unwashed backwater primitives, the countless Noble houses intent on inbreeding, the mechanicus, or fringe cases like the krieg? To make this worse, your genius plan hinges on not only getting trillions of human beings to participate in a galactic selective breeding program not once, but twice, and the second time I'd being done with a mere 10% of the original DNA you had access too. How many recessive defects are you going to encourage among the population by doing this? Providing you had even a chance of succeeding of course.

6. In order to calm the warp down, war, suffering, and excess need to be all but annihilated. You could pull humanity out tomorrow and the orks alone would keep the warp absolutely fucked. Not to mention the eldar, nids, and countless minor races that fuck with the warp as well.

What do I win?

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>using mk8 errant armour, pinnacle of adeptus astartes power armour
>takes an hour to put on, plus another hour to sanctify
>still manage to die like a pussy butch

>told to fight on zero atmosphere planet, given respirator plus shitty flak armour
>one minute to put on in an emergency
>still manage to hold the line on a regular basis

But at least you guys can spit acid, right?

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Nothing like showing normal humans trying to desperately stand against a much superior and terrifying enemy

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>Except Guardsmen exist because they're logistically superior to Space Marines, and Space Marines are a political pain in the ass. The problem with the Lamenters is that they're just fucking stupid in execution, and a setting that consistently sells itself as "Grimdark" should be devoid of any hope- that's what grimdarkness is.

And again, you miss what I'm talking about

this isn't about actual in lore logistics.

This is about having points of reference for the audience to compare things to.

For example, lets say the only human forces were space marines. A lot of the really crazy shit on the table suddenly doesn't have as much impact. A carnifex vs a space marine is kind of an "eh" feeling. Watching a guardsman fight a carnifex on the other hand lends a lot more weight because, well, odds are you'd be that guardsman, so it lends weight to the situation as you understand just how that guardsman feels.

And you miss the point I'm making with Lamenters as well. Just saying "and everything was grimdark, the end" is shitty storytelling. In order to have proper suffering, you need to have had hope, even just the slightest chance of it. This is what makes the Lamenters an important part of the background. They attempt to buck the status quo and save as many lives as possible. In most settings, this would make them big damn heroes that you get books written about. Here they get regarded with suspicion and made outcasts.

It's story telling 101, without it you just get fanfic tier garbage of everyone trying to out grimdark each other. Even in a setting as shitty to live in as 40k's, there would still be hope, heroes, even love and happiness. Part of what makes grimdark what it is though is just how mercilessly this can be crushed compared to most settings. Just saying "nope no hope whatsoever" is boring and gives you no real motivation for your characters whatsoever. Even guardsmen, the expendable mooks that they are, have hopes and dreams.

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Would you rather be stationed on Armageddon or Cadia? Also post pictures of IG getting rekt.

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Or even chaos cultists. I just don't know if the models are capable.

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You're an Imperial citzein living a somewhat comftotable life on one of the Imperium's million of worlds. Roll 2d6 to see which calamity or disaster will hit your planet.

2 : Ork Waaagh
3 : Chaos Incursion
4 : Tyranid Infestation
5 : Necron Harvest
6 : Imperial Purge
7 : Eldar attack
8 : Dark Eldar raid
9 : Hrud migration
10 : Tau Invasion
11 : Your world gets destroyed by a space event or an anomly
12 : Your world remain safe and peaceful during your lifetime

Good luck. We hope the result is to your satisfaction.

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Probably my favourite picture in the Daemon codex. There isn't much in this same tier however, since most of it is blanche. I'll try and dig up a pic or two that he drew for that book, the plaguebearer and great unclean one were particularly abysmal.

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(I got bored waiting for OP. Here's a little something to fill the time)The shock wave flattened the company to the soft mud like a giant wave against so many sand castles.

They had fought for hour after hour in the mud of this world and the blood of man. It had started off bad, and gotten worse, fast. Some Cultists had staged an uprising, herding the population of town after town into large stadiums previously used for recreational events, and dousing them with Warp tainted contagions.

Then they were let loose to their homes. Mothers trying to comfort their children as their skin melted, fathers pleading with their families to stay away, least it consume them too, family pets writhing in agony. It was clear this world was lost to most of the men on the ground, but the higher ups didn't want to pull out just yet. The men cursed them for it, until they were put into line. Of course, what they didn't know was that the plague spreading was an elaborate ritual to summon great daemons of Nurgle to this unsuspecting world, as a launching pad for worse to come.

Barely conscious, the infantryman noted the similarity between his fellow man falling before that awful blast and the leaves drifting lazily off the trees from back home.

"Funny the things you realize before you go.", he says, half to himself, half in the hope faith will take notice and grant him one more reprieve...

"YOU'RE TELLING ME", a voice booms across the battlefield, everywhere at once while seemingly emanating from within the infantrymans skull, "I WAS STUCK ON THAT FUCKING GLORIFIED TOILET FOR TEN CENTURIES."

The terrible noise from that hellish trench system died off at once. Even the foul beings from the Immaterium stopped their grimly joyous slaughter, to the confusion of all. "A LOT OF TIME TO RELFECT, THAT"

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OP Checking in

Hey man you dont like flashlights?

Wait, i dont even, what.

Not if its khorne then you just stab the fucker, then get lit up by your ex allies,

Me personally, Being in the situation of either of my pics,

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