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To what? It's not like I'm doing anything evil, in fact I'm trying to be the good guy by hunting down evil dooers in their dreams. All the demons I have working for me are completly under control, they're more like daemons really.

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Nice thing about succubi, they're as fat, slim, or muscular as you want em to be. And they can change in the blink of an eye - or slower, for that crowd - to suit your tastes. Succubi are literally every fetish.

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No, you are the silly, anon.

This is now a Thulsa Doom thread.

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There you go, I guess.

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So we all cross the bridge and find our way to the roof. On the roof we find that Evil McDickerson has taken the fucking elevator up and calls us retards, more or less, for going through the dangerous trap filled tower. He and his bitch are standing in front of some elaborate fountain and the through this big sapphire into it. The fountain then starts glowing with light and the tower starts vibrating. Evil tells his wench to take the elevator back to their fly machine, and that he'll handle us. Three of us charge the guy, and our bard goes after the chick, but he missed the elevator and has to wait for it to come back up. So we're just dealing crap tons of damage to this guy and he's basically laughing at us. We think we're making a dent in him, and he quaffs a potions of cure all wounds and just keeps on toying with us, but at this point he's not doing looking so confident anymore. This just spurs us to fight harder. Finally the elevator comes back up and the Bard jumps on it and starts riding it down. Evil sees this and's like "You're not getting away that easy" then he dimension doors down to the platform. The bards like Oh Shit, and grabs his chicken out of his pack. Turns our the chicken has the power to stop fucking time, but there's a 50/50 chance of either stopping everything but you, or stopping you. The bard ends up freezing himself for 7 rounds.

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I totally understand where you (and other folks in this thread) are coming from. Our games, past and present, have inhabited all parts of the ERP spectrum. Indeed, some are unabashedly all sex, all the time.

I credit our continued lack of implosions and drama to being up front about what we feel comfortable with before beginning a game.

Sorry, my non-ERP stuff is always full. I can't really handle more than five or six people for most things anyway.

Right now one of our channel regulars is walking others through how to create a character for Barbarians of Lemuria. It seems pretty cool, very Conan / Robert E. Howard.

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I need something lascivious...Ambient music to paint a scene of the adventurers gaining illicit entrance to the king's harem or stumbling into a den of succubi.

I've got this so far as a suggestion:


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You can never go wrong with sisters.

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Pretty much.

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Tiefling cheesecake for you!

Also, happy dorfday!

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