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A man never dies while his name is still spoken. Hopefully this will manifest as an uptick in book sales and a universal condemnation of this abomination that's equivalent to a shitty fanfic of the original

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We lost a lot more than just a man when he walked into the desert with Death, but above all I'm grateful that he knew who he was when he took his hand.
GNU Terry Pratchett, I'll wear the lilac for you on the 25th of May

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Also obligatory post

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>I never read his last book because I knew his abilities were slipping and the finality of it would just depress me.
Raising Steam or Shephard's Crown?

Raising Steam is to Snuff what Snuff is to Unseen Academicals, and UA is probably where there's really no denying things are declining.

Shephard's Crown I think he probably worked on earlier and with even more care, as he always knew it was coming (hell, he was a staunch proponent of being able to choose) - given the book's themes, it makes sense that that was where all the last of his efforts went. It's the one to read.

Raising Steam is a half ghostwritten mess, and the product of a man who's ideas and imagination want to continue far longer than he can endure, and it never quite come to terms with that (despite, or perhaps because, he'd been staring it in the face for so long) - but knowing inexorably that it's the last book he CAN ever write, he dips in cameos and tries to write a nice send off.

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I'm not crying. You're crying

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I'd had the amzing maurice read to me as a kid but i'd only gotten into the main series a couple of years before he died. I'd finished night watch about a week before he died.

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Fuck you for reminding me I had this.

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>What was the first Discworld book you read?
Must have read it six or seven times.
Was always planning to get it signed one day...

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Glad I can make people laugh. I do however lack the ability to derail Excuse Me threads with the right Chapter Master picture all the time.

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IN a similar vein as that pic.

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Here's a screencap of the original pasta.

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Surprised it didn't show up earlier.

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Well.. Shit.

At least we can say we saw it coming, and had time to come to terms with it, including himself. One of the better ways I suppose. I know he raged at the injustice of alzheimer's.. and I'm kind of glad at that. Knowing he fought back.
Hope he got to meet Death as he wrote him, and is walking that midnight desert as we mourn.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to look out a window for a bit.

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We all knew it were coming, but still, it wounds us deeply.

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Truly, the beast Death of all time.

Nee more like this.

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There's only one true death.

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There's only one thing that has given me feels here. Made me tear up.

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