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shit Khornate warlord

>constantly in full frothing-at-the-mouth berserk mode
>all brute strength and raw speed, little real skill
>leads by intimidation alone
>arbitrarily kills subordinates on a regular basis
>encourages infighting
>army is entirely composed of hand-to-hand fighters
>charges headlong with all forces at the first visible enemy
>personally leads every charge
>no thought given to the protection or preservation of his forces
>refuses all potential allies, attacking them instead
>fuck logistics
>fuck strategy
>fuck tactics
>fuck intel and recon

good Khornate warlord

>is capable of rational thinking when out of combat
>can focus their bloodlust to enter a frenzy at will
>brute strength and speed are applied with the skill of a master of arms
>leads by being respected as well as feared
>kills only incompetent or disloyal subordinates (not counting ritual tournaments)
>fosters a sense of holy brotherhood within the warband
>army includes strong supporting arms, particularly artillery, armour and Daemon Engines
>uses cannon fodder screens to avoid useless inglorious deaths among the real warriors
>is willing to use firepower to eliminate lesser, unworthy enemy troops that are in the way
>holds back the favoured of Khorne until worthy opposition has been identified
>is prepared to make alliances to achieve goals (and betray them whenever convenient)
>ensures logistics are good (usually delegates this)
>tactics and strategy properly considered, with a view to ensuring the maximum possible number of worthy skulls are delivered to Khorne
>at least some degree of information gathering is used, even if it's crude

So why do so many people still seem to support the shit-tier Khornate warlords?

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And this logic extends to why Khornate forces will use siege engines and heavy ranged weapons. Those are seen as just tools to get shit (fortifications, cannon fodder defenders, etc) out of the way so that the melee warriors can get stuck into the juiciest opposition.

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I remember that gay campaign. IIRC the only thing really at stake was whether Commorragh or Ulthwe would get destroyed, and the only way either would happen is if the Webway campaign was a wash for either side.

And I remember the DE playerbase being completely schizophrenic, many choosing to fight Chaos and Necrons because of fluff, despite the fact that reporting results against those races counted as a win for Ulthwe and a loss for Commorragh.

Still, the EoT campaign was still not as bad as the Medusa V pigshit.

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Earn one as a reward, claim one from a fallen foe, or search out rumours for a shrine or daemonic armoury where one can be found.

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why does the black templar look like a woman?

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Looking at pic related, I bet it's no coincidence that pirates seek out pieces o' eight. EIGHT being the holy number of Khorne.

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Yeaargh, Khornate pirates off the coast of Somalia.

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