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Can someone just wake me the fuck up when I can talk about Vampire: The Masquerade, Chronicles, character ideas, combo-disciplines, etc.. Without having to wade through an endless bunch of fucking 13 year olds arguing Superman vs Goku?

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>anti-bullet magic is easy and common enough to make guns useless
>but any other kind of barrier magic is not because of arbitrary reasons

Its Dune all over again

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Not "ruined" exactly but they are usually the first ones to abandon ship because of other priorities

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I love players like you because you don't succumb to min-maxing, will you marry me?

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>build Edric
>it's fucking boring

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>tfw no Astral Slide

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>DM rolls pregens for a one shot
>rolls up a Bladelock
>Gives her War Caster, Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, and a greatsword as a pact weapon
>My fucking face when I realise how dank Blade Ward+Armor of Agathys combo is, especially with Booming Blade on a reaction attack if they decide running is better than doing minimal damage to me while they take 15

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>tfw Flusterstorm

Also that Champ's Helm is super good, I slot it wherever I can

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>not seen any of those cards in my meta at all
What the hell

I'm one of the scrubbier players in my meta and even I run Valakut in a couple decks

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Athletics 3
Affection 0
Skill 2
Cunning 1
Luck 1
Will 2

Maid types: Cool x2
Maid Colours: Brown hair, brown eyes, black uniform
Special Qualities: Greedy, Symbol (Cross)

Maid Roots: Distant Relative
Stress Explosion: Prayer
Maid Weapon: Ray Gun

Trauma: Major failure
Complexes: Body Odor, Ignorant of the Ways of the World
Maid Power: Trespass. You can take 1D6 Stress to intrude on a battle, love scene, etc. You can also butt in after the action has ended, and this can even work when someone is using World For Two.

Starting Favor: 0
Spirit: 20

Age: 12
Name: Large Magical Beast

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>it's a "if you didn't bring stasis bombs you lose" campaign mission

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well, there was a good ogre, and an anti-violent church, the basilisk thing makes sense if there were some queues the party could have picked up on that the basilisk was an important creature to the village.

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>Unhinged lands go for $9-10 a card
>but they look so god damn good

I'm so conflicted. I wouldn't be able to buy cards for a good chunk of time if I bought sets of them, but they have the best layout and by far of any land

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>creating phylacteries out of things that were important to you or easily stumbled upon

I get the whole hide-it-in-plain-sight thing, but come on, dude. You need to choose either objects that are absolutely insignificant, or place them in locations that are entirely unrelated to you. Your trail was so obvious.

I'll give you credit for the snake, though; that was actually clever, since most would assume its just your favorite pet. Still, you're really dead now.

>tfw dead liches deadposting on 4chan

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ITT Game settings you want to run but never will.

I'll start

>Mega Man X where the PCs are Maverick Hunters. Each character has a unique weapon/ability and you hunt Mavericks and later fight Repliforce during the events of X4.

>Warhammer 40k. All my friends want to play D&D and Pathfinder instead

>JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Can't find a system that supports wacky abilities. We'd probably all end up getting confused anyway.

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I thought we were niggas, Ravnicanon.

I was wrong.

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>Mechanicalchaser and Royal Decree prices

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TFW I will never pause reality and heal myself rapidly by eating eight wheels of cheese.

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The last 50 or so threads I've been waiting to hear any stories about Edge of the Empire.

Please someone share one.

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Are there any games that focus primarily on the astral plane or shamans being able to access the Astral Plane?

If not, I'm going to have to make one.

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>mfw realizing Breetai's junk is the size of a small to mid sized car.

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>not play seriously

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fuck that fuck that fuck that

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