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Ligers are scary.
They're be an ecosystem apocalypse if they bred in the wild.

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Actually, I'm done.
I used to have an Alliance rage-boner...but then I got over it when I realized it's a fiction, and not a very good one.
It's not worth getting that enraged about.

My main was a Knight-Champion. The summer of PvP I said "fuck work, fuck school" and I spent 12 hours a day raging through the battlegrounds grinding honor, farming to summon Whatsisname the Giant Elemental, and I /spit on corpses and I screamed hate and I still have a couple of Troll Mojo and Tauren Hooves in my bank somewhere.
I lived, breathed, ate and shit World of Warcraft PVP. I did it for Elune, I did it For The Alliance, I did it for VENGEANCE, I did it because FUCK YEAH RAPE THOSE FUCKING ORKS.

And when the summer ended I went raiding. I took the same attitude into raiding, and I was fucking good at it. I didn't screw up formation or pull Baron Geddon or failed to keep up in the BWL slow-trap-mess.
And that's how I rolled. DEEP. Nobody fucked with me, or if they did I followed them to their flightmaster and killed it, them griefed them 'til the sun rose again.

Then TBC dropped. Green was the New Purple. And I burned out.
And I learned from that.
I'm interested in the lore, and I'm interested in talking about the lore. But this sperglord partisan bullshit is as embarrassing as it is meaningless. And I'm no longer so easily impressed by such weak fiction, or by moronic ideas said loudly.

Am I arrogant? Elitist? Hell yes. I'm proud of it, too. I'm the original Tryhard.
I want to WIN, and sweet little bitches have always laughed first and screamed afterwards because they thought fur and claws made them a tiger instead of a housecat.
The rest is just pride in posting. If you've got something worth reading, it's also worth communicating effectively. /tg/ has an internal bias against the use of ascii emote language, so with emotional context out there's more need to be exact.

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I'm not IMPLYING anything.
Except that cats are Slaaneshi faggots.
Except this guy. He's cool.

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I lol'd.
Very nice.
Unrelated Liger.

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