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You must be new here.

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-Sheen is gripped by a fit of madness and leads a white militia to reconquer Rhodesia. A Narco-State is born in Africa.
-Japan successfully produces the world's first artificial vagina. Birth rates in that country plummet further.
-USA will declare war on Venezuela once Chavez dies. The casus belli will be because the US military wonders if digital camo for jungle would be cool.

Also: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, is awesome.

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Come on.

The Tiger.

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You got no chance, old man.

Fucking Tiger blood.

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Heh, who cares? It looks freakin' sweet! Buy one anyway!

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So, I'm working on doing some Drawfaggery. Been arting my way about for ages now, but always on paper. Seeing as every single freaking scanner I have ever used was a box of failure and pain, I think it's time for some Tableting. Art tablets, not...iPads. Everyone I ask thinks I mean an iPad. Bloody hell.

So...Suggestions? I'm looking at Wacom stuff right now, but...Open to suggestions/Advice.

Pic unrelated. Just funny.

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all the class you really need

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DW, RT, DH, paranoia anything that isnt medieval really.
GMT +0 ... not monday
>IRC/Maptools/Skype/etc Preference
All of the above.
Contact me on here first.

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bump also OP can you give me your blessing for my Derp Heresy character I made?

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So, my last came of DnD has come to a close, but as always my players demand more, and I've turned to you elegan/tg/entlemen for assistance. I've set my sights on running a campaign set in the 18th century, but with fantasy elements peppered throughout. It was a setting my players and I are still developing, but I am not certain the d20 system may be most appropriate. Sadly, d20 is my primary experience with Pen and Paper games, so I am hoping that /tg/'s collective experience will be at my disposal for better suggestions. I'm basically looking for a system that can:

1. Simulate muzzleloading firearms reasonably.

2. Incorporate a limited system of magic.

In exchange, I will dump pictures I've culled from /tg/ over the ages as an offering. I will also be willing to share information about the setting (what we have so far anyway) if it should be requested. The attached picture is essentially the game's BBEG.

>GM seeking a system to emulate 18th century weaponry and magic - pics in return

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That shit was actually pretty damn impressive.

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IG Lord Commander Sheen

WS4 BS4 S3 T5 W4 I4 ld10 Sv4+

Weapons: Powersword & hotshot pistol, meltabombs, refractor feild.

Speaceal rules: Winning
When rolling to see who takes the first turn in the game, an army including Sheen may chose either to win or lose the roll.

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We had served under Lord Commisar Sheen for many years, but his recent foray had every one of us questioning what he was thinking. Until he made us snort a 20x20 vat of cocaine each and we could see just as clearly as him.

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