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Necrons want to kill all life in the Milky Way, Tyranids want to eat all life in the Milky Way and then move on. Why don't they work together?

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My actual background on my smartphone.

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>These internal wars invariably follow the formalised codes that governed the ancient Necrontyr, leading to set piece battles with forces arranged and rules agreed in advance by the competitors. In times before biotransference, such events led to the slaughter of countless millions in a matter of days or weeks.

Would you trust these fucks with immortality?

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before the bio-transference my necrons were one of the the ruling families in necrontyr organized crime. arms dealing, drug, human (necrontyr) trafficing, gambling, and any other sort of fuckery that a mafia family would be dealing with, they had a hand in. to them the bio transference was seen as a one time investment to make endless profit throughout all of time, with anyone shady enough to do business with. after the war in heaven they were one of the first to turn on the c'tan, if for no other reason than to hoard as many shards as they could acquire. once the c'tan were defeated but before the sleep they then locked away all of their resources in their tomb worlds so that it could be sold off to whoever the highest bidder would be once they awoke. however during their awakening one of their own lords managed to destroy essentially the godfather of the whole family, so now theres a massive internal struggle for power as each lord tries to gain control of each of the fragmented families and the massive amount of wealth they have.

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Why is Draigo so universally hated when a Necron Overlord with warscythe, sempiternal weave, phase shifter and mindshackle scarabs costs exactly 100 points less and kicks his or anyone else's ass easily?

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Another reason why the Necrons are awesome.

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>Eldar's biggest problem is that they're terminally "better than you"

You know which faction the Eldar truly fear and don't look down upon?

Picture related

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The 5th Edition Necrons Codex made some pretty big changes to the Necron fluff.

Long story short, instead of going into stasis because they had run out of life to harvest for the C'tan, the Newcrons ended up betraying the C'tan after the war against the Old Ones, breaking them into pieces and then sealed themselves to avoid the Eldar avenging the Old Ones.

As his last action before leaving the galaxy in self-imposed exile, the Necron ruler known as The Silent King relinquished the master control he had over the Necrons, restoring free will (and personality) to high-ranking Necrons (the lower ranks like Warriors are still basically mindless).

However, battle damage, decay from the long stasis and Eldar sabotage have crippled the minds of the Necrons that still have them, leaving us with Necron Lords like Nemesor Zahndrekh, who believes that he is still fighting the civil wars of the Necrontyr era, no matter who his enemy actually is.

>See, Obyron, the separatists come - attempting to outflank me just as they did at the Fourth Battle of Vyndakh. How they calculate that daubing themselves green and roaring like savages will produce a different outcome, I cannot fathom; but it is of no account.
>Ready my legions - another glorious victory shall soon be ours.
>Nemesor Zahndrekh to Vargard Obyron, prior to the crushing defeat of Waaagh! Bludtoof

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There is another Choice. A superior choice.

Neither the Orks or the Necrons are hilariously incompetent, and the Imperium has excuses for its decline.

And their orgin stories are in no way approaching bad.

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Hey, dude!

Retcons happen. We just have to deal with it.

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How does it feel that the Newcrons shamelessly ''burrowed'' many of your themes, Eldar fans?

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>If the Emperor fails, then none will be able to stop the influx of dark powers
>none will be able

Then what are these guys? chopped liver?

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But what are you willing to pay for it? Because I guarantee that what you want will come at a great price.

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What have we learned from this thread, fleshbags?

Necrons are awesome and are styling all over the Chaos Gods.

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Ok so the answer so far appears to be use all the ideas I had and then suddenly necrons.

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Newcrons : They got no souls cause the C'tan ate them!

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>bunny ears

No, this cover would be much better without the bunny ears or with a better designed head piece!

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Here is the Necron codex cover. It should tell you all you need to know about them:

They are metal as hell.

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Could the Necrons take down the Imperium, the whole thing?

Their fluff portrays them as able to wreck the Imperium on a whim.

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