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That's pretty trick, OP

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Okay shit, i need your help. What would the normal sum-to-10 Setup for a Rigger be?
My only ventures into the Drone world are a Streetsam-AI and using them as cheap recon devices for my Sams, so i have no idea how to properly build a Rigger.

Which RCC do i need, any nobrainer qualities?
Which Skills are mandatory?

I thought about A Money and B Skills/Attributes.

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AIs with Pilot heritage are able to subsitute a fuckton of Attributes for Depth, including Pilot.
Pilot on Anthro-Drones defines Agility of the Arm, which can be further enhanced by the Cyberlimb enhancements.
Grab a SK Direktionssekretär.
So, 9 AGI in the Arm, 6 Skill + 2 Specialisation + Smartlink Autosoft gives you up to 19 Dice to shoot shit. Anthrodrones are able to wear Armor, you have quite a few INI dice because you are rigging while being jumped in and you are also immune to stun damage (except SnS).
Just forget Building something like this without using Karmagen, Prio fucks AIs over.
(Note: you Need to make the drone your home node to get the additional shit that this entitles you, and there is also another positive Quality for AIs that is basically very useful for this but i forgot which one.

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Trogger, the real trick is to use a Rating 1 Pump in conjunction with Muscle Toners/Enhancements.

The bonuses on Attributes are cute, but the killer is the pseudo-paineditor available at chargen.

The stun damage will stay manageable and the Duration is usually enough to put you through that single ugly fight in which you are really needing it and can't affort to suffer negative effects from damage modifiers.
Sure, as soon as you can get a pain-editor, Switch it out for that, but again

>chargen legal

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Since you're replying, I saw that Interface Zero 2.0 is finishing up. I don't know a WHOLE lot about Cyberpunk or Shadowrun (mostly only movies and games), but I have been reading through the Shadowrun core. God, what a difficult read that shit is.

Anyway, do you think since Interface Zero 2.0 will be compatible with Starfinder, that it would be better to not even sweat learning Shadowrun's system?

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Posted this in another thread, but anyone down for Interface Zero 2.0 or is it done-for?

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Fucking Interface Zero 2.0 is never coming out.

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What is your favorite operative to play with/against so far? The GK Termi looks pretty sweet, but my favorite has got to be the Purestrain Genestealer. I haven't played with one in a round yet, but they seem scary as fuck in that perfect fluffy sort of way

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I'm not saying you should/are playing Shadowrun but that does have pre-written adventures and a lot of the older books also have tons of hooks that involve shadowrunners doing stuff besides the standard cyber heist and they don't all involve magic to boot! I just bring this up because if Shadowrun can handle non-shadowrun adventures then your GM should be able to handle it too.

Just talk with your GM and ask if s/he can switch things up .

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Anony, you seem to confusing absolute and relative states.
Of course there are nice things happening in a Dystopia.
They are just scarce and bound to make the horrible normal state seem to be even more depressing in comparisson.
Real, heartclenching drama needs some feint flickers of hope to make it truly gripping.

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>Muh Omega Dawn

Do us all a favor and keep shitty GM fiat plot devices like this in the trashbin of CGL dumbfuckery, where they belong.

The whole fucking Paragraph on this Group in "10 terrorists" read like a wankfantasy of some mouthbreathing powertripping GM who needs some justification to DeusExMachina punish players for not playing his favourite fagoperator playstyle.

The whole group is basically on a "Kai Leng" level of stupidity.

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>Play the Dragonfall and Hong Kong games
>Makes me want to try the tabletop
>Grab the .pdfs
>Start reading
>Shit's confusing as fuck and really obtuse
>Everything's written as in-universe so, while entertaining, there's no short layman's edition
>Friends don't want to play/learn a new system and just want to stick to D20

I'm so fucking confused, Jesus.

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Phoneposter here, is there any way I can get into tabletop games while living at a group home? I can go into the backyard to play over the phone, but I don't know any avenues to get into the hobby again.

I'm a vet at the 40k rpgs, edge of the empire, and eclipse phase. Any tips for someone who can't do roll20?

Also living in hayward, if there's anyone who would invite me to a physical game.

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How do I make my game cyberpunk as fuck? Not post-cyberpunk crap, I want that good 90s shit.

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>you will never live on the outskirts of a cyberpunk city
>you will never get to enjoy a comfy life with all the modern amenities available steps from your home
>you will never be able to take a short walk and do wild and illegal sex acts
>you will never be able to walk 5 blocks in to the core and watch tigers fighting bears
>you will never be able to jump from rooftop to rooftop with your hot cyborg gf who may or may not be of legal age but who cares because laws don't exist
>you will never carry a high powered laser pistol to protect yourself and your hot cyborg gf
>you will never live forever thanks to the miracles of high priced anti-aging drugs you stole

How do you add a unique twist to your cyberpunk setting? I like making there be no majority race at all, and nobody understands each other.

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Can someone quickly recommend me one or two cyberpunk books which are in your opinion essentials to build a proper setting? Or whatever you think is good I guess.

Not Neuromancer however, I've already read that.

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>my feet hurt


Non-American here - what is a bennie.

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Well there's always cyberpunk guy, but a general /tg/ one would be a lot harder I think, what with /tg/'s broadness

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Not terribly familiar with shadowrun I'm afraid. I'm curious, what's out in the country between cities in this setting? I know the game is set in Seattle, but what's happened to the rest of the country?

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You guys are missing the "punk" part of cyberpunk

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>Crocket EBR
>Allowing something other than the Mission FAQ Version on your table

>Actually allowing any version of this bullshitgun on the table

Don't do this.

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