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magic is knowledge. if it can be catalogued and tested, it's science. it stays magic as long as you don't really know what you're doing.

casters are about having a way to get knowledge that can be used but not expanded.

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Mmmn, nah. They're literally the worst by a giant margin.

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Like what, the unkillable part? Because being Russian or a skeleton or astronaut or being given a very normal name in reference to a song Mary Sue traits are really not.

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Lots of villans can be portrayed as white as well motherfucker, same can be said for all the colors. Any philosophy taken to an extreme can lead to evil.

And before you even start on blah blah blah Selfless act good, Acts that harm others bad blah blah, MORALS ARE GREY AS FUCK.

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>Mostly because you're not as good an actor as you think you are.
consider this: to trick someone gets exponentially harder as time goes on unless you get them to accept something. some people have a very long streak of acting retarded going and will use this persona to play games as. they'll craftily make a character that works for both of themselves, playing wrong but not wrong enough to ruin the fun.

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Look here faggot, I know I take a long time to update. I get that, I've apologized for it. I do my best to work with the time that I have, distractions and all.

I don't know if you're new or if everyone else is just polite, but it's been this way from the get go. It's not going to change. I leave in three days and won't see any of these friends of mine for 63, minimum.

I promised five threads and I'm going to deliver five threads, and I'm doing what I can to post more frequently than normal because of this. It's a good opportunity to accelerate through the story.

And if I've hurt your feelings here, too, then I'll also apologize for that. Sorry. But I retain the right to talk to the people in this thread, rather than just sitting in my own little world and quietly following directions.

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Hahaha, I'll remember it, man. Still, I can't hear you over the sound of my Netflix.

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To be honest, it's not that great as it is right now. It's very easy and fast to reach "end-game" (where you're self-sufficient) and after that all you can do is just watch the population grow. Hopefully they add more stuff for the late game, but as it is you might want to wait.

Also, Tropico 5 is letting people into the closed beta. If you go to the site and sign-up you might be able to get in.

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Like, is it really that crazy an idea to just hand a nigga a module to read and play out for thier first time DMing?

Its what i'd do. These are extreme examples but you cant just expect someone to instantly develope a skill like that outta nowhere.

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I used the 'dead serious' joke last week but yes.
scheduling is hard but yes

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Last one, gotta go, have fun guys!

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Good times

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>believing their lies
warp is the garbage dump of materium. everything they do eventually reflects there. chaos are the unholy horrors that emerge when you keep throwing things in and not taking them away. they'll spread back to your home and other things around, such as time, but if you had the means to clean it you'd get your old order back.

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doom vs. good guys always goes like this
>doom announces desire and plan to fuck them up
>they proceed to be fucked up
>doom gloats
>doom fucks off until they come up with plan
>plan works despite being really shit
>it was probably a doombot

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What the fuck is going on in this thread

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Hey, man:
1. /tg/'s a rather medium-to-slow speed board. It's certainly much slower than /b/; you might need to be a bit more patient.
2. Your OP is a little misleading: it sounds more like you're asking for help finding cat pictures or creating some kind of cat magazine (which, in case you need help on either of those, are likely cases for /an/ and perhaps /lit/, respectively), as opposed to writing your own wacky cat CYOA.
I'd suggest letting this one die, and then make one that's more about creating your own CYOA than it is about making one related to cats.
Best of luck.

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I just like the lore of the planes

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Because we're necromancers.

Seriously dude.

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Just remember you'll all be one of us some day.

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>Make a crossbowman with max Knowledge (Engineering) and the goal of inventing a better crossbow, since GM said "no gunslinger" at the start of the campaign. He was okay with me eventually inventing guns as long as I put enough work into it.
>Start with developing things like magazines that use a spring mechanism to make semi-automatic fire from and scopes.
>Eventually get crude muskets going, start taking levels in wizard and hanging out with dorfs for more help with the machinery.
>Figure out how to make fire casters that use elemental energy from gems to basically make more powerful and accurate guns.
>Start revolutionizing physics by spending my money on advertising my inventions and investments into colleges and young brilliant minds instead of getting +X loot and magic items for adventuring, use my business to fund the party with base resources.
>All the while, working on secret plans. Buy a lot of base resources and assemble things part for part, never tell GM what I'm working on, he assumed it's scaled-up prototypes.
>He's partially right.

If any of you saw the "how do I make a weapon of mass destruction" thread a couple days ago you know what happened next.

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Dude that card looks totes sweet, it's got like figner wag action man

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Just remember, it was a lot easier to overthrow a government back when they didn't have guns and tanks.

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That's true, I didn't see a zombie in last five centuries...
I mean years, of course. yes, years.

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