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Boreale BELIEVED in his men.

But did they believe in him?

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>implying that's Taldeer

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Boreale x Caerys is closer to canon.

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Baldeale is actually pretty relaxed for a Spess Muran. Far less easily wound up than Thule.

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Codex: Space Marines
- Marneus Calgar allies with the Tau to defeat the Necrons of Malbede, and allows them to leave before commencing Exterminatus.
- Eldorath Starbane and a team of Rangers save Pedro Kantor and his Crimson Fists from an Ork horde in the Jaden Mountains on Rynn's World, though Starbane warns the Chapter Master that upon their next meeting, his fists will bear the stain of Kantor's blood.

Codex: Blood Angels
- An Ulthwé army led by Eldrad Ulthran is among the reinforcements that arrive to aid Mephiston's Strike Force Sanguinatus against a splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken. Eldrad waits to see that Mephiston is recovered alive before leaving.
- The Blood Angels under Commander Dante join forces with the Necrons of the Silent King to defeat a Tyranid splinter fleet.
- Dante unites both Imperial and alien worlds around Baal in preparation for the coming assaults of both Hive Fleet Leviathan and the Bloodthirster Ka'Bandha.

Codex: Grey Knights
- The Grey Knights and Inquisitor Valeria have no qualms about employing alien technology for the greater good of the Imperium, examples including tesseract labyrinths, psilencers, and possibly the Nemesis Dreadknight.
- After scouring the Keeper of Secrets N'kari from Craftworld Malan'tai, a contingent of Purifiers is left behind to guard the remaining spirit stones while contact is made with other Eldar.

Codex: Necrons
- Kor'sarro Khan is captured by Nemesor Zahndrekh on Cano'var, a Tau world conquered by the Necrons, but breaks free alongside eleven other prisoners, all of whom are slain by Vargard Obyron save for the Eldar Ranger Illic Nightspear. Obyron swiftly cripples Nightspear and eventually manages to wound Kor'sarro, but is ordered by Zahndrekh to let them leave. The Master of the Hunt reaches the surface of the world, finds an operational Tau craft and escapes the planet with Nightspear, who returns to Alaitoc afterwards.

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At least there is one group of enemies towards whom all notions of honour or mercy never apply: THE FAOWL TREHTUSS.

Doesn't mean you can't steal their gear though.

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Blood Ravens win, Angelos claims the stone as a trophy, all subsequent Eldar involvement in the series is focused on trying to retrieve it (and naturally, failing).

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