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I already do that to a degree - its just I tend to post when I've got about 2k words as thats what I can churn out in roughly ten minutes time, would tg rather have me posting it all in one go or like I've done so far but with less updates?
"Yeah, those are plants I guess - most tiny green things are like that" she answers you while moving down the lane, hunched over slightly as he reads the label on each box-table. "Why did we go here anyway" you ask, shaking the front of your dress slightly trying to get some air into it "you like plants and stuff? We had a crazy old man on the Rangers Talent that had green's like these - the voidsmen called them "foliage". She looks up from the plants with a simple smile on her lips, "Yeah I do - I had a garden before I came here where I used to raise flowers" she leans forward and gently rubs the top of some large yellow-like plant "Used to have these, they are good for luck people say - its named after a saint "Lilismans Blessing", and this orange one is a "Guardsmans glory" - its said a field of them bloom when-ever the emperor wins a battle... she trails of slightly peering out over the massive hall, "Its so many in here.." "Yeah, you agree rubbing some more sweat of your face, making sure however to note what she said - learning about plants might be a good thing if you are to live on a planet.

Outside however a sharp ringing shakes the world around you so loud you're forced to put a hand over your ear to block it slightly, "That must be the bell the silvery lady told us about" Angelina yells out, looking towards the door, "Think we should go to the others?" you nod, and the both of you rush towards the door, in a hurried fashion, to tired to run but enough strength to walk at a fast pace still, outside the world is a

You do look around for some paste, but.. to no avail - probably already been shipped off, you are going to get dinner soon right?


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