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That's the first middle finger I had available.

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D&D 4e, with me as DM. I don't know the rules, he doesn't know the rules, and combat will take forever even though the only way he can win is through political intrigue.

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>"Aha, foolish adventurer! You believed that drinking the potion would grant you immortality, but instead it was Bimbo Liqueor"

Good luck now, fuckaaah!

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>Nat 20

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I'm not a fan of it either, but you can only be told someone is going to kill you so many times before you do something about it. If I hadn't thought he was completely serious I'd have left well enough alone.

I forgot to mention, and I found this amusing, they stole sword dude's sword. Turns out sword dude is an Eldritch Knight, so he just calmly summons his sword back and smiles at them.

>The guards are outside of the bar?
"Yeah, this was a pretty loud fight and they're outside. Some of them are starting to enter now."
>Ok. I calmly turn to them, put my hands up, and say "Thank goodness you're finally here. If you could just arrest us all I'm sure we can sort this mess out in jail. Careful, there's an invisible person around somewhere."
The bard agrees, and puts his hands up. The Eldritch Knight agrees and puts his hands up. Hippie, CK, and AB all bitch. Hippie's player says, "Dude, are you serious? This doesn't sound like a fun direction to go in." Even the DM asks if we'd prefer to run.
>Not really. I've done nothing wrong, and where can we run anyway? There's a second story sure, but we're in a city of magic users who can scry.

Game is called there, DM and his friends go back to that private room. The other two players and I discuss what just happened. I felt bad for how things turned out, but I laid out my reasons and they both agreed it was the logical thing IC and OoC for me to do. EK headed off for bed, and I went to let my dogs out. When I came back I'd been banned from the channel and removed from the game, no messages. My friend the bard had as well, again no messages.

And that's the tale. I was pissed at first, but looking back on it I slowly realized I maybe dodged a bullet. Typing it all out I'm certain I did.

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That's the whole point of going to church multiple times a week, it reinforces the... Herd mentality? Us vs Them? Whatever you want to call it. Surround yourself with like-minded people and you'll forget there are people who are unlike-minded.

Fekkin beautiful. Thank you for the story time, Anon. I used my good laughing and approval stuff, so have this completely unrelated gif.

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Lillith is pretty good at dancing, no reason to not put the skills to use.

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"Never played it much. I remember most of the rules. Horse goes in an L, right? No guys, my character's playing, I'm going to play it out."

>pic is you after game

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