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No in fact ive been security at one game store and prevented the escape of a snatch and grab at another.

First store had an issue with yugioh kids coming in and stealing shit during our magic tournaments. So me and the other high elders of the store talked him in to letting us run security instead of shutting down our tournament. Should of seen the thieving faces of the 9 year olds when me and Taz busted them. Keep in mind i was 17 and about 350lbs nicknamed Goliath, Taz his real name was the same but a black version. When you have 700 lbs screaming in your face about local businesses and how stealing raises the prices for every one, you have no clue whats going on as a 9 year old but you dont dare steal again.

The snatch and grab was funny, the store was shaped like a circle with gaming areas wrapping a store. Well there was one door that no one but employes used. So when a guy no one had ever seen before came out of it and the owner said stop him at least 20 nerds dog piled this fucker. Out of the door comes walking this little pudgy cop couldn't of been over 5 and half. This guy had no clue what he was doing, and was pulling guys off the thief, who was a wiry kid that i saw was about to make a break for it. So i walked over and pulled the escape door closed, again 350lbs. As soon as the cop got every one off him and he tried to cuff him the kid bolted for the door. He hit it, it opened an inch and slammed close, he screamed move i laughed and said make me. The cop then got the cuffs on him and all was well. We then sent the FDNM promo to the cop shop as a thanks, but they had to give it back as it had some value and was deemed a tip or some shit.

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If we had a messenger imp prepared ahead of time we could send word to Brooklyn and co that Langley is in a combat mech exiting the bunker in a lift and we need help dealing with him.

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Also, bumping is my backup plan

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We put up an ad on the bulletin board at the game shop in Nuremberg but haven't heard back.

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The classical elemental system is fire, water, earth, and air (aether optional). Then there's the Chinese system of wood, metal, fire, water, and earth, and the Japanese have a slightly different version, and the Hindus have their own, too, but all of those have been done to death.

The Babylonians had a system of wind, water, and sky, and apparently some West African civilization has stone, iron, earth, water, and air.

One of the elemental systems I myself designed was bone (inanimate substance), blood (animating force), flesh (animate substance), fear (a compulsion *away* from things), and desire (a compulsion *toward* things).

What are some other elemental systems either from across the world, or of your own design?

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Greetings, /tg/...
I have an idea for a character, but it needs some fleshing out, mainly the personality. The concept is a paladin that's been raised with the reincarnate spell. The problem? This middle aged man has been reincarnated as a twelve year old girl.
His (her?) primary objectives? Gain enough gold or favor with the church to get a wish spell to turn back to his original form. Meanwhile, killing as much evil as possible in the process.
Bonus objective? For the love of all that is holy, get that spell before puberty!
Yes, this character is going to be quite bent in the head. While I'm asking for some help fleshing out the personality, I'd like to point out that this guy's overall response to this "accident", was to go right back to being a paladin. Granted, that meant swapping his sword for a halberd so he could reach his enemies, but still.

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/tg/, you guys seem to be the place to ask a warhammer 40k question.

My FLGS has a large 40k player base, the vast majority of which is either IG (A relative minority) or space marines. Little to no xeno threat going on. Most of the armies seem to be artillery and armor (Tanks, Dreadnoughts) with infantry taking a back seat. If those walking tanks that are space marines can even be considered infantry by modern standards. But anyway...

What xeno threat can I play, geared towards destroying their precious massive hunks of metal that isn't a faggy space elf and survive massive bombardment from the other side of table firing into spawn?

Never played the game before, but it looks fun.

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