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Thanks for your hard work, Bro.

It might not be celebrated as much as next bag of dirt (only 500$ per grain), but it's a great thing nevertheless.

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I'll make a link for those too, give me a second to work with my third world internet

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blam'n time!

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They seemed good to me. I planned to run them up close to ranged units and up behind tanks, firing some shots/charging, and bugging out if need be after. And good mobile armor rape then?

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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . lol, no son. just no.

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Ah, simple mistake. No harm done Anon. It happens.

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emperor-damned tech-priests screwing around with my tech and making me look like an idiot *grumble grumble*

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>Open to any suggestions short of manning up and dealing with social anxiety
You've probably lurked here and there and heard plenty of horrible stuff, this, that, and whatnot about what it takes to be a good DM.

In reality these threads are made by RPG theorists who like to discuss about must unrealistic scenarios possible and thus bitch about how something is broken, people stupid and such.

The reality is: you don't exactly need to be some uber-competent cyborg made from the genes of best DMs and modern wonders of technology to run a game and both deliver have fun.

Try something very simple at first, SWITCH YOUR PLACES (as both player/DM) each scenario, gain experience, stop worrying, ask here if you'll have problems. Everything will be alright.

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And are you implying that you're so important that Emprah himself will descent from him Throne and wipe your arse, because you don't feel like to?

The amount of heresy that flows from your word is truly beyond any redemption. May Emprah have mercy on you, we, the Inquisition won't!

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have fun and...
>pick very fucking related

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>GW: Removing all Specialty Games and continuing with business tactics that are just pissing more and more veterans off.
>Manic: Introducing a new skirmish style game with an modular terrain system, all of this cheaper then anything GW has done in the last 5 years.

Good bye Games Workshop. It was a good 17 years, but I'm done. You finally broke my will to stick through it, I just don't care anymore; it's like you're not even trying to compete with weakling companies like Manic and Privater Press - like to want them to kill you. When your end come to the rise of smaller companies and the 3d printer, I will no longer cry for you. I will only hope a better company gains your licenses.

So as I remove your websites from my browser bookmarks and prepare to sell of all my miniatures, I want you to know I trusted you; but now I know better.

>Warhammer 40,000 forever...

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They do sing hymns and chants. I think they would sound a lot like this:
That is without their helmets of course.

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What do you think about runing a campaign on /tg/ in which Earth in near future was invaided by chaos and now warbands of cultists murder people s but some elite IG regiments have been sent to puryfi Eath?

You could choose one of IG commanders, leader of chaos warband (one of gods or undivided) or commander of whats left of UN.

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Just shuddap and die.

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going though that right now in a Dark Hersey game

>> being the DM's GF has perks
>>hearing the plot to the story isn't one
>> Know one of the BBEGs is an old and powerful Telepath
>> Part of the party is looking for maps to the center of the space station (Think a lumpy cigar-shaped hive in space)
>> Old guy there known as "the cartographer"
>> asks strange prices for maps
>> wants to know why
>> Guy before in line is trying to find brother
>> cleric is "rooting out heresy and bringing light to the darkness"
>> "Your brother is here" and "here is your map"
>> back at full party
>> map is blank save one word "worthless"
>> "Worthless" has been a reoccurring theme

The DM claims that the Cartographer wasn't originally the BBEG, He may or may not be now... I am not convinced. thinking way too hard on this.

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Welcome to /tg/. Please enjoy your stay.

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