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>he can't help but reply

Oh, this fucker is livid.

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God fucking damnit I can't stop laughing

>i will report these findings to the group

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>Morgan critfails


They shouldn't have even gotten out of bed today

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Those turret placements made my morning anon. Bless you and all your kin

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>that teardrop
Every time

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It's missing the setup

>Fucking lost my sides.
Also promiscuity /= tendencies towards Homosexuality. More towards loneliness, lack of social skills, or fear of rejection.
Editi has not had sexual relations with anyone else.
overt friendliness and fondness normally implies a lack of social understanding and/or sense of loneliness.
Although otherwise you seem to have a basic understanding of personality types and underlying attached behaviors.

But then again it's not a perfect system which varies from person to person, I branched my chars away from me for this reason, only threw in personal traits when I needed to have a basic for acting them out, and made extremes for more interesting RP.

It's fun playing chars that disturb even me so as to learn how to be a better player.

Fun fact: Joumun was supposed to be sexless and then suffer nympo withdraw. Then act as a comedy stick. Once again it was turned on it's head not by my hand.

You monster. We should exchange notes.

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Ah, cartoons.
Where anything can happen.

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My ribs!

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That is fucking golden, anon. Thank you.

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>half asleep and delicious

I'm assuming you meant delirious, but that made me laugh harder than it had any right to.

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Holy shit that's fucking hilarious.

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>NWN1 was bad

I respect your opinion about as much as the average neocon respects intelligence.

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You're going to suffocate me via laughter with these images

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