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Jesus Christ, /tg/ is now such a useless fucking shit hole that even when someone wants to not play D&D we call them a retard and don't want them to play anything but D&D

We might as well be /v/ at this point

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I might think it's bait but I've interacted with people who are actually like that.
Yeah, because your typical fantasy goblin anywhere NEAR traditional goblins at all. Hell, fucking Hobgoblins were FRIENDLY spirits. The "always chaotic evil murderer rapist" goblin is as far from tradition as anything. Labyrinth is the closest to "traditional" goblins anyone's posted in the whole thread. Not to mention myth and legends and perceptions change over time - see Kobolds, who weren't fucking lizards until D&D made them lizards, and are fuckings dog in weebland.

Take your "traditional" horseshit and shove it up your ass. You're just buttmad that people are having fun in a way you don't approve of.

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ITT: Op was too busy roll playing to role play, blames it on the players, gets called out on it, is anal blasted about it. Boo hoo it's not my fault guys!

Fucking glad you're not my DM, I like to have fun.

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>blightlord terminators
>1 combi-plasma in the box
>need 3

The FUCK is gw doing now?

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No matter what the paladin always falls if you wnat to do something that is fun.

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It's a nice way of saying pic related.

Why is it fucked up, though? I'd hardly consider someone winding up on a pyre fucked up in the context of typical adventuring.

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Sure you're in the right place?

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I don't really get how a game about an elf in dungeons full of traps that fight giant monsters is somehow not a good setting for D&D.
It's not any worse of an idea than Elder Scrolls...actually it's a better idea than that because Elder Scrolls inherent fuckery would be a shit D&D setting.

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That's dumb. You're dumb.

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>The devs noticed a problem where a specific combination of bonuses created an incentive to act in a certain way.

Except it doesn't, their playtesters were just fucking retards that thinks Evangelion is Valvrave.

Also making the player go away by removing mechanics isn't a good practice still, if it was then you wouldn't even have Weapon Skill as a stat in Fantasy Flight Warhammer RPGs. They should tell the problem players what they are doing wrong and why it's causing problems for other people smarter than them.

I know it's very taboo to go "you're having fun wrong" but if they're way of having fun is ruining it for other people, then they're doing it wrong and are the problem.

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> Anything ahistorical at the start is a big fucking no, as is anything supernatural. Read the advantage descriptions.
Don't forget to make them do a couple rolls to check if their char dies before reaching the age of 15 and if they need to make up another.

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Fuck fun.

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>it's incorrect fun
"Remember kids! NO FUN ALLOWED unless I say so!"

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Forgot my pic.

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I think he's new here, he doesn't know the rules

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