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>They don't look like they've been campaigning in the mud for years, sure, but they haven't been so that's fine.
Who wants to larp as a nooby scrub?

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>dem service studs

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>Samurai Sister

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OP here, had to run out - Some good tips. I think a lot of the issue was lack of emotional investment, I was really trying to get the combat side down so we were just doing a crawl, problem was we didnt care about the crawl or the characters involved.

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Alright, The Murderer, The Betrayer and the Ghost it is for our next flashback! The other ones will be put aside for now.

Thank you for participating, everyone, and feedback is also great!



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Lore thread.

I'm just starting to get in to the Warhammer series and the one thing I can't seem to find any clarification on is if the Emperor mandated the sacrificing of psykers to sustain himself. From everything I've read about the guy he seems like a massive Humanitarian, I doubt he would ever legislate something like that.

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What are some of the top tier Warhammer: 40k graphic novels out there?

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Who do you hate to play D&D (Or any tabletop RPG for that matter) the most?

For me, its the min-maxing faggot. I hate playing with them and I hate DMing for one of them even more. They are on par with table lawyers for shittiness.

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You sound like a Targaryen. Get killed in the first few minutes, or go to another continent and get killed because you whined about how you used to be a noble.

Alternatively, suck it up and play it well; characters are only bad if they're played badly. Or furries. Or you could just tell your friend thanks for the major position and you want to play the campaign, but you're not sure if you're very comfortable playing a character important to the current lore.

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In this hard hitting piece of journalism the bbc asks the question why GROWN MEN are still playing an outdated childrens game.

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I was thinking of doing something like this, but instead of just foam, i'd stick on sheet metal plates over the foam. This would also result in giving me heavy footfalls, which for some reason drive me into a frenzy.

I think they're awesome. Ever since Jurassic Park that shit has instantly meant "SHIT JUST GOT REAL" to me. Heavy footfalls on an enemy makes me instantly take it seriously in any game and having them myself makes me feels invincible.

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Since I seem to be missing when folks are active on the IRC channel I shall ask here: other than writing up stuff or spreading the word, is there anything pressing that needs to be done at the moment?

Until I get some more feedback on resources/economy etc, I feel slightly adrift.

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>Go into a bathroom
>See this
>Hear angry "H-hey! Don't you know how to knock?"


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I know OP didn't want Spehss Mahreens, but this was in my folder I had open so I'll post it.

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