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Gentleman Pick Slaanesh or Tznch, honorable mention to Cultist

This is balanced, but a wife who will do things perfect and is likely to be a futa, and a magic wife who has a feathery tail are best options

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Ok, they're still alive, awesome!
...But yeah, he might have been tentacle raped...

>They use daemonhosts and make use of chaos stuff. Not "work with".
Sure... they "make use of" Chaos...

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How to successfully avoid a boss fight in Dark Heresy

>Go into Slaanesh strip club which is run by a bigwig Daemonette
>Party gets idea to infiltrate the managers office/VIP area by forming a band
>No one is trained in preforming or singing however besides out SoB
> DM allows it because he thinks its funny
>Everybody fails including the SoB and gets immediately kicked out except for me because I barely passed the test
>Get's asked for a second attempt and somehow pass again
>Get's offered and interview with the manager
>Goes for it
>Tell party about an important window in the VIP area they then grapple to the roof and await an opportunity on the code word "Neosporin"
>Gets into interview
>Realize that the Daemonette is a also the priestess with 2 abomination bodyguards that we tried to kill the session prior
>then commences the most innuendo filled interview ever.
>things go well and she asks for a secondary interview, in the basement
>I pretend trip while getting up and cut my arm and proceed to say "boy I think im going to need some NEOSPORIN for this"
>Party causes explosions in alleyway which get the abominations attention
>meanwhile Daemonette licks my cut clean
> I turn to the Daemonette and say "you know all this danger is getting me rather randy"
>She agrees
>We start making out
> Party repels down to kick in the window and repels quickly back but and abomination follows
>as soon as the abominations gets on the roof they all bull kick him off it
>We brake the kiss which i successfully charmed her with getting a role of 10
> I proclaim "my lady we must go"
> I pick her up in the bridal position
> I then jump out the now broken window past the 2nd abomination and repel to the roof while flashing her a charming smile
> Once regrouped with they recognize her and they immediatly try to kill eachother
>however I keep the peace by rolling a 2 on diplomacy she and my party are now friends
> we then GTFO.jpg

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Agreed I'll be happy to hold claws

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whoops meant to post this

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I think they have the same recruitment standards as the Black Legion. If you say you want in and you'll repaint your armor to their colors you get to join their clique.

I just can't see the World Eaters having access to the required equipment to create new marines the traditional way.

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So, power armor for Inquisitors. Worth it?

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I put on my robe and inquisitorial hat~

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>warp smiths, "the dragon" , new pattern land raiders, the hell brute and so on.
>new pattern land raiders

Please let this be true.

It pisses me off to no end that Loyalists get all those wonderful Land Raider variants while chaos is stuck with the generic version (besides the chaos-only upgrades of course.)

So does anyone have a release date for the new chaos dex by chance?

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Nothing strange here fellow loyalist, just research. Carry on with your duties like normal.

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I'm cool. All my stuff is just loli, bondage and mind control.

Which the Imperium is alright with. It's not like there's any filthy xenos or chaos creatures in there.

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You first.

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What about HQ choices? I tend to go with a Librarian and stick him in a tacsquad because I lack dedicated assault(in matches 1250-1500). I think assault marines are quite poor(fire magnets and really vulnerable if you derpstrike), and assault termies are very expensive to get, needing a complemantary landraider with them. But usually it feels like a chaplain is a better choice to go with termies.

Master of the Forge seems only viable with a conversion beamer. How viable? He can be sniped easily. Attach him to a combat squad with a lascannon or similar?

Chapter Master seems absolutely rubbish for his cost, and seeing what the Grey Knights chapter master can do, I have no wish to embarrass myself with them.

Captains seems ok, but like I said it would seem in most cases a librarian or chaplain is more useful.

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So /tg/
How are chaos daemons now?
They've caught my eye...
hows this list.

Blood thirster: unholy might, instrument of chaos, death strike. = 295
skull taker: juggernaught. = 175

5 bloodcrushers of khorne: fury of khorne, instrument of chaos. = 215


15 blood thirsters of khorne: chaos icon. = 265
10 pink horrors of tzench: bolt of tzench. = 180
10 pink horrors of tzench: bolt of tzench. = 180


Soul grinder of chaos: Phlegm. = 160
Soul grinder of chaos: Phlegm. = 160

1500 exactly.

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As a member of the Inquisition I decry this fucking heresy ..... However Pic somewhat related.

Its just for research all-right.

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(just waiting for the first nsfw pic)

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you mean like this one?

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