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I love my Ultramarines army. Being a paragon of awesome feels good man.

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It was I that took out the Inquisitor, in revenge not only for my battle brother that was killed before me, but for all the Angels that were about to be destroyed with the planet.

Continuing on, I go through the Chaplain program, and I am ordained as a Chaplain, however I still retain my rank of Watchmaster. I am then sent to the source of a distress signal from one of our Rhinos that had gone out on patrol. I am accompanied by 4 intiates, 4 watchers, the confessor chaplain, and some IG units. I order the IG to investigate the town, while I go to check out the signal. The Confessor takes some units with him to patrol the town.

Upon arriving at the signal we discover a destroyed Rhino, and the sole survivor of the units within it. At this moment we are hailed over vox by the IG, who have encountered resistance. We sprint towards the village while the Confessor takes his unit, and approaches from the opposite end. Upon arriving we discover heretics, heretics everywhere. I order the devestators up on the roofs, while the rest of my marines begin aiding the IG. I spot a single man, who is carrying a sword large enough for an Astartes, that is wreathed in purple flames. I take shots at him, however the flames deflect my bullets. Over my vox I hear a daemonic voice, telling me to fight him as a warrior. Without hesitation I raise my chainsword (only confessor chaplains use the Crozius) and rush towards him. The battle is short, and the man was beheaded.

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