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I now know what Exterminatus means.

It means that the masses of the faithful, when they are caught between a large-scale xenos invasion, their government profiteering from the occult properties of their world to crash and plunder the vessels of His Navy, so as to cheat on the sacred duty of Imperial tithes ; that this government trafficks with sorcerous mutants –who also traffick with xenos- and sell as slaves good Imperial citizens lost in their deadly deserts, to officials, as subjects in abominable experiments splicing human and xenos flesh.

We destroyed ten Orks and a hundred twists and a thousand abominations for the blood of each and every martyr who died with a prayer on their lips to Him on Earth for deliverance from the weight of such a present and its inescapable consequence. Whosoever realizes it knows one has no right to refuse them this mercy, if in His Name, one is invested of such an authority.

May the Emperor grant us the wisdom to dispensate a justice so pure that zeal might stay its own excuse.

Thought for the day : Conscience of duty done is its own reward.
>mfw OP's picture was one I'd requested from /tg/ to accompany the above, written in-game by my Sororita
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