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What's your opinion on romance between elves and dwarves?

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Ragkarl Goodholme.
I like the last name at least.

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Hey my man, HFY aside, you sound a astronomical faggot, stop doing that

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Cliche as fuck, but I thought I did okay for something hammered out on a whim at 4 in the morning

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This is typical racist claptrap. It's real easy to tell elf men and women apart. The men are typically called dwarves and just don't like associating with outsiders much.

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>le crazy randumb hobos

You have learned nothing from dwarf fortress.

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This is a thread for both elves AND dwarves.

Post elves. Post dwarves. Post elves with dwarves and dwarves with elves!

Tell me about your elves and dwarves.

Where do they come from?

What do they look like?

How do they behave?

What are their interracial relations like? Friendly, hostile, neutral?

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Usual worldbuilding thread suggestions apply; try to respond to another anon before posting, keep your posts brief (enough to get our interests, I find 2-3 posts is sufficient to get someone asking for more), be nice.

Questions to get us started:
Which, if any, of the usual fantasy races do you use?
Do you play them straight, put your own twist, rebuild them from the ground up?
Tell us a bit about how your races interact with themselves and each other.
Got any interesting unique or rarer races you'd like to share?

And something I find incredibly interesting/important:
If you have multiple races, how do you handle their religions? Do they share deities, or does each have a pantheon?
Is one race "right" and the others worshiping smoke, or something else? How do their gods interact?

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I don't want them to die, I want them to be fallible and fuck up every once in a while. Which, the appropriate application of compels and similarly competent NPCs should be more that sufficient in putting the heroes through the ringer every once in a while, without having to re-balance or over-stuff any orc-gooks or super-dragons half way in.

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Adding Barbaric to Orcs would be a little redundant, and I'm talking more pointy-hats gnomes, not WoW gnomes. Cautious would be good for Halflings though.

Unpredictable is a good one for Humans, I'll add that.

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Then let them fight it out, and nudge them, IC or OOC, to resolve it WITHOUT murder.
I mean, there's the rest of the party too, right? perhaps one of them could step in and say like "look you can kill each other later but for now we need to focus on [thing]"

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>Humans are halfbreeds of elves and dwarfs

What do you think about this concept?

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same reason dwarves love caves

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Working on a splat, going to be lighthearted high fantasy; needs races.
For the sake of variety, simplistic intention communication, and familiar terminology, I'm going to do this based around and abstracted and non consequential setup of d20's alignment System. Also, no Orcs or Hobbits, or sub-races. We're talking simple archetypes for the sake of this thread.


> Distant but well meaning, magical realists, secretly romantics
> Stubborn but reasonable, hard working, contemplative to a fault
WILD CARD (True Neutral) = HUMANS
> No set rules or laws, societies vary drastically (even between just a few hundred miles), full of daring and ideals
> Goblins are, "I DO WHAT I WANT!" 24/7, greedy, hard to befriend

Remaining roles to be filled
Neutral+Empathetic, Chaotic+Empathetic
Neutral+Chaotic (I'm thinking some flavor of undead for this, or lizard men)
Orderly+Apathetic, Neutral+Apathetic

In the actual system there is no alignment system, and the individual cannot be held to the standards of society, and so on and so forth. However, because it is meant to be be a fun+simple thing I'm going to have all the races be ball-parked ideas that the Players can build off of; all of which will indeed be archetypal with a little self-satire built in.

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>Actually having a girlfriend
What kind of faggot are you, I bet you go outside as well and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Loser.

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Alright, that's all I got for Dwarves. Hope you guys liked it.

Might do other Races if the thread needs bumping or if you guys specifically make requests.

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I like the idea that Dwarfs are simply earth elves

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this is how i racial interaction

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Go to bed, Zarus.

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elves and dwarves share a common ancestor

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