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Oh boy, now its obvious

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Just to get my (hopefully not retconned) fluff properly aligned.

Dark Eldar have billions of people that resurrect their warriors back to self cloned bodies if a little bit of their soul is left. So feasibly a successful/rich Dark Eldar army could have their same dudes attacking over and over without having to replace many if any of their number.

Chaos Daemons are self replenishing if they don't piss their god off. Which because of where they come from they could pluck themselves from different timelines and could face hundreds of one specific person(daemon). Possibly. Chaos works in strange ways.

Crafty Eldar have crone worlds and such where Pathfinders and such train. The outcasts. No telling how many there are, I would like to know more. (que the infomercial)

Crafty Eldar are dying off and stuff themselves into big boners and could be like dark eldar, constantly being stuffed into walking war coffins. Are their vehicles resurrect-able this way too or do they take a thousand years to make or something?

Tyranids are gluttons, they never run out.
Orks are plants, they never run out.
Necrons reassemble and are teleporters, they could run out when the last stars die.

Sisters are noted to be like 200 left or something by some dumb author that said so.
Marines "never die" because they stick one "seed" from one marine into another human aspiring to be a marine. Que sailor jokes here.

Am I missing anything?

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Dark Eldar

I like all their base infantry and I would love to make an army of just these together. I heard second detachments doesn't have to be the same as the first detachment in a 2k army? (And I could have two different allies as a result?)

Is this true? I can have 4 Fire Warrior teams with Dark Eldar Cabal Warriors and Necron Warriors?

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Don't know if I will be getting any more post, but I would like to thank everyone who has contributed so far. It's given me a far amount of good ideas.

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Could care less who the artist is.

Not like he's getting cash from us right? What pisses an artist off worse than having his stuff distributed without permission?

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