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No worries Aldous. We'll all be waiting here.


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>Own my own FLGS
>Find a new subsections of humans
>Name them 'Watchers'
>Watcher enters the store 10mins after opening on a wednesday
>comments on how its quiet
>Explain early afternoon is always quiet like i do everytime he come in
>sits at the counter starts talking about new amazing MTG Combo deck
>Humor him with 'wow' 'thats crazy'
>Continue working on my PC
>Watchers stays seated at the counter
>20 mins pass no words just staring, staring intently at me just typing away
>Start to get uncomfortable but it is too late to change my actions keep typing.
>Watcher starts breathing heavy
>Watcher gets a phone call 'explains he is just hanging with a friend' phone friend
>this continues for over an hour whilst we wait for another MTG player to come in
>MTG player walks in notices the Watcher and avoids eye contact or a hello, he knows!

Only part of my job I dont like.

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