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Would you eat an Eatin' Squig?

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Get ya Squig Pies! 'Un Toof a Pie! Made wiff only da Bestest Eatin' Squigs! Best inna Warcamp! Goodnuff for a Warboss! Get ya Squig Pies!

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The male form will always be superior because inside of it the male soul resides.
The beauty that shines through of a transcendent male soul is the greatest thing possible.
Once human creation vats are developed women will no longer have a use, female anatomy will no longer be desired, finally seen as mutated and lesser half-animal creatures.

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I have to imagine that digganobs have cooked up some eating squigs at some point.

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It's what's fer dinna boyz!

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There's even one specifically for eating.

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I'd say to stay away from the mouthiest onz, but most are liek thozoe tiny yapin' ankle bitin dogges.
Will YA eet dem?

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Can non-orks eat them? Would they taste good for those who aren't well up in Orkish cuisine?

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>evolving to get eaten
'Nids, everyone.

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