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Pledge Total 345
Pledge Reward Level Survivor
Herald of Death Gift
KD: Monster Tshirt l
Selected Options:
Twilight Knight Gift
White Speaker Gift
Flower Knight Expansion 1
Dung Beetle Knight Expansion 1
The Lantern Festival Major Expansion 1
Promo: Candy and Cola 1
Messenger of Courage 1
Messenger of the Spiral Path 1
Messenger of the First Story 1
Messenger of Humanity 1
Dragon King Expansion 1

I was tempted to ask them to open my manager to try to get the Grom expac, but eh, I'm good.

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Tit Bitz

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Kingdom Death delayed.
Q1 2014 now expected project completion.
Poots now switching to Hard Plastic sprues like GW, pic related.
I'm not surprised by the delay. I think his date was ambitious, and I expect delays in Kickstarters these days anyways.
I hope he doesn't delay it again though. That'll be annoying.

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