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But you could also run the Wrathful Crusade for fluff and make the Captain your Marshal Warlord!

That way only 1 Warlord trait will be completely useless, 1 will be useless if the enemy has no Psykers, 1 will be half-useless because you get Zealot already and Fearless to Zealot is not a big difference and the rest will be super fluffy and useful! :D


A new model for him would be cute, even if I really adore his old on in full metal. Only one I'm still missing from their characters is Helbrecht, but I'll probably wait for 8e before that.
>tfw sharpened my metal Emp's Champ's sword to the point of being able to cut paper
Nobody at my store dares to pick him up anymore and it's hilarious

I glazed them. 2 layers Guilliman Blue, 1 Layer Somethinhunters Green (don't remember the name and can't be arsed to search the paint) and another Guilliman Blue layer.

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Good point, forgot about that entire thing. Gonna drop it, I guess, should have enough bodies to not always need that 2+.

Only non-CAD Detachments and Formations allowing Crusader squads is the Wrathful Crusade formation from Gathering Storm 1 (which includes new Celestine, some Militarum Tempestus and Greyfax) and the new Castellans of the Imperium detachments, which allows Crusader squads and actually only allows Black Templar characters out of all Space Marine uniques.

Maxed out Crusade is pretty good, since you get Zealot on EVERYTHING and especially get a Zealot Celestine on top of getting to re-roll charges and Furious Charge on a 10"+ charge so basically what Black Templar Chapter Tactics should've had.

Castellans can be fun if combined with LRC dedicated transport, since it has a chance to revive them. Getting free Hatred is also alright.

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