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>Our ways are not kind, they are not noble.
>I am sorry young one, that these are the ones I shall teach you.
>The Exorcists banish daemons with Will and Wisdom, but that is not our way.
>The Grey Knights banish daemons with Faith and Light, but those are not our ways either.
>Ours is of Blood and Corruption.
>To drink of Daemonblood to anoint the body and soul.
>To eat of Daemonflesh to grant us Strength and Wisdom of the foe.
>And by our own Corruption, devour their Strength and destroy it.
>By the Rite of Fuhor, we take on the Undying nature of our Foes, and set our Mortality to it.
>Destruction then is the fate of both, the Man and Daemon both.
>The Daemon might yet live, for a time. But their immortality undone, by Name, Blood and Soul.
>To commit oneself to the Rite is the most noble end for those of our Chapter
>In that Death, perhaps only then might Duty end for those of our blood.
- Chief Librarian Cicumaus 236.M39, on the Induction and Duty of the Argent Strix

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>i dont think I have enough Rhinos to turn into Razorbacks

You should have at least 5 of each.

>i dont have any Sanguinary Guard

You disgust me more than the Angels Vermillion. What kind of Son of Sanguinius are you?

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Best Primarch
So one thing I haven't quite looked in to (I really need to read me some BA books) is what is The Flaw? My friend said BA already had the Black Rage and it was Sanguinius that kept it in check... but the Black Rage manifests as trapping a Blood Angel in memories of the Horus Heresy, making the marine think he is Sanguinius himself. I know they always had the Red Thirst and I thought that was the flaw and the Black Rage came later after Horus gave Sanguinius a tickling. Which is it?

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Fuck Chaos... BA are getting an update?

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>blood angels and grey knights being weakest imperium armies
Is this what it feels like to be Orks? I main BA

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Nice choice, brother

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Do not worry brother, when the skies turn dark and the enemies close all around you will get the buffs you need.

Also we won

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>because his charisma score is off the charts compared to the other Primarchs.
How is Sang not charismatic?

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Well, it didn't trigger duplicate. Sorry mom.

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There are only three right answers. Sang, Big V, and Rowboat. I want to go with Sang.

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Now for best primarch.

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fair enough

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Hey /tg/ i need to come up with a mission for my rogue trader group by tomorrow night, if anyone has any p;re mades or could let me use a mission of theirs it would be awesome!

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Horus personally thought it should have been Sanguinius.
I wonder how things would have turned out if Sanguinius was made Warmaster.

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When I stated this:


I believe that it was in reference to Space Marines and other sufficiently powerful loyalist forces; not humanity in general.

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>Abloobloobloo I can see the future and it's turrible abloobloobloo

Grow the fuck and deal with it Curze.

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like this maybe?

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You shall be purged by the might of the Imperium. None shall stand against us!

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