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Its not hard when they've been publishing art of us for decades.

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Me too, there is but one choice before us.

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>gore, dismemberment, rape, self-harm, etc. etc.

Shit he's onto us!

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thanks guy

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Are you me?

>Sometimes I say "make a wisdom/constitution save, disadvantage..." without it having any consequence. Players never know this but they assume something is about to fuck them up and it puts them on edge. Great to use in dungeons that you want to feel extra dangerous because of the environment, without explicitly stating the danger.

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So hyped for us beating the horselovers!

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Easily the most awkward session of any campaign is the first one, where the party meets as total strangers and immediately decide to throw in together for no good reason, but not before a fair amount of sperging is had by all.

Why don't more campaigns start with the players already in the shit? It isn't that hard to say "you're all bodyguards for this noble/working on this ship/part of this wagon train. What circumstances brought you from your respective homes to this sorry state of affairs?"

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I think the books would suggest you go for Thai.

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Okay so I just dropped fifty fucking dollars on a Core Rulebook and I am about to take my FIRST LOOK AT PATHFINDER EVER someone please give me a quick rundown of the most important differences from 3.5 and the ideal CODzilla build for Society play.

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Previous thread: >>52333036



This week's Monday Meeting Notes:

Which of the WoD games have you always wanted to play, but never had the opportunity to do so and why?

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>Vancian magic-users spend decades coaxing individual spells to lodge in their brains. Wizards HATE to cast, but if you force them, they'll fuck you up.

>Old school wizards were expected to quest for each new spell, the way a fighter might quest for an artifact weapon.

>Modern wizards are just assumed to have access to every spell as soon as they qualify for it. Including Mordenkainen's Fifteen Minute Adventuring Day.

> Now people bitch that Wizards > Muggles.

Well, no shit.

Just needed to vent that out of my spleen.

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Third for Thai cuisine.

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related to tabletop or stuff you like to play while playing

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>mfw D&D did get me into the occult
>mfw I decided it's all BS

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how many of you guys play online? it's too hard to get people together irl regularly. i've always thought playing online seemed like a mediocre solution but my desire to quest has gotten high enough that i'm interested again.

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How deeply, powerfully ironic it is that Games Workshop is now kept alive by producing vidya game adaptations of it's abandoned games.

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So who is "that guy"?

/d/ would seem like the obvious choice, but I feel like he/she would be pretty self aware and controlled in his/her fetishes.

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>Never seen them without the masks and hoods
Way to keep the stereotype alive, jackass.

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alli got

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>Thai restaurant

You monster.

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I know. Looking back, what I should have done is let them go for the bad guy's plan and see where that went. I'm actually really good at thinking on the fly. They probably would eventually have still fought each other, but at a later point.
Hell, they probably would have turned on him faster than he turned on them due to the events with the Last BBEG they started working with.

I'll be honest: I was impatient. I had been looking forward to the fight and scene for a while. It's a bad habit of mine.
It didn't even go as well as I would have hoped. They ended up getting scared of the boss, so they hit the base's figurate "self-destruct button" and tried to book it.
Luckily I was able to think fast, so when they booked it when they didn't like the look of the boss, the climactic boss fight became a climactic escape sequence instead, as they had to navigate back through the destructing fortress as it collapsed around them, all the while the Boss chased after them and if they were too slow in overcoming an obstacle or stopped to check out some loot too long it would indeed catch up with them.

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