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Alright, no one's looking, time for tactical insertion.

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It's in the name

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fuck that shit OP

chaos undivided ftw

that way you pit the chaos gods against each other and secretly fight for the emperor

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Part hypnotherapy, part "They don't".

As far as I know, the Alpha Legion no longer exists as a unified force, having been split into a vast number of warbands, each with their own leaders and goals.

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Now, see, I've always had a theory about the Alpha Legion, and the theory that may or may not still be loyalists. The whole tendency for the Legionnaires to call themselves Alpharius is interesting: it means that potentially, anyone in the Legion can take command and direct things.

But it also leads to the problem that the Legion can remain a viable fighting force without anything to unify it. Everyone is Alpharius, and as of the 41st Millenium the Alpha Legion is a confused morass of factions, some Loyal, some traitor, some who knows what, and even within an Alpha Legion warband there are are a host of competing agendas. Beneath the layer of paranoia and mistrust, the only thing the modern Legionnaires have in common with each other is the name Alpharius.

In other words, my theory is that at some point the hydra grew too many heads, and have become hopelessly tangled together. I think it's plausible, at least.

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I am Alpha and Omega. The beginning, and the end.

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So I just started getting a chaos army together and hope to play with my friends soon. Eventually. Maybe. None of us are real hardcore players and are just doing it for the fun. As I was looking at the warband lists, I decided to look into Alpha Legion. They seem like real cool guys. I was hoping I could come here and get some general pointers, tips, and info on them. So what are some good ways to run an alpha legion army on tabletop? What kind of army list would I be looking at here, and how should I expect to run it? Also any cool/interesting Alpha Legion Fluff just lying around that I might have missed? Also Alpha/Chaos/Heresy thread.

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My favourite legion was unfortunately destroyed by the Inquisition; any rumours that they are still active and working to enact some hidden, catastrophic, plan should be discounted as Heresy.

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Either Storm Wardens (woo Breavheart!) or Raven Guard (woo stealth!), and either Thousand Sons (woo mummy-mages!) or Alpha Legion (woo #&/@-7!)

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Anybody have a scan of the Alpha Legion bit from Tome of Fate close to hand?

Pic very related.

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In the aftermath of the battle Omegon addressed the legion where he both lamented the loss of his misguided brother and forgive every legionnaire who had followed him. Unified as a legion again, it restored the otherwise low morale that had plagued the Legion and the legionaires were once again ready for the challenges laid before them. Omegon continued on explaining that he and his splinter faction had continued contact with the Cabal whom foresaw the death of his brother. He revealed the Cabal had showed him more. The Cabal had bestowed him with wisdom of the coming plight of humanity, the fate of his legion and of the fairly new Inquisition. He explained that Humanity would slowly turn into a falling empire beset from all sides by xeno, heretic and daemon, nothing could change that. And it was the fate of the Inquisition to, in due time, become Mankinds shield against the darkness, the first and last line of defence. However, in its infancy it would be weak and if left unchallenged the ordos would grow lazy and be unprepared for the coming darkness. Thus it fell to the Alpha Legion to suffice the infant inquisition need for strife. Omegon then ended his address by plainly stated that the Alpha Legion could never again be counted amongst the loyal legions of the Imperium and instead would have to live in its shadows, to be its unseen protectors and mentors.

Thus the Alpha Legions had renewed purpose, to expose the Imperium to a taste of the times to come and prepare the inquisition for the challenges of the 41st millennium.

This would be the last full legion assembly for the Alpha Legion. After Omegons address the legion split into small cells all across the Imperium and started promoting uprisings and apostasy across the Imperium.

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How would people react if I brought an Alpha Legion army, saying they're renegade instead of Chaos and use the Space Marine Loyalist Codex?

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>Why purge the records of those two, but not the chaos marines?

Because the Chaos Legions are still around.

You can bet that the Administratum would "unpeople" a Legion if they were ever wiped out.

In fact, I want to say that they started to do ao each time they thought that the Alphas were gone, only to scramble to preserve the records when another cell popped up.

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Black Shields are not Chaos Marines fighting for the Imperium. They are Space Marines from disbanded chapters who pretty much fully work for the Deathwatch. Sometimes Alpha Legionaries or Fallen manage to infiltrate the Deathwatch by masquerading themselves as members of a disbanded chapter. Since they have no mutations or noticeable allegiance to Chaos, it's fairly plausible.

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Seriously, whose side are they on?

Who the hell do they work for?

Is their Primarch(s?) dead or not?

Do they even still exist?

...Are they right behind me?

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>As we closed upon the traitors, Alpharius himself led a counter-attack, charging headlong back down the rocky slope with his bodyguard and slamming into our line. Not even Ultramarines could stand before a Primarch, and his powersword felled every noble Space Marine within reach. Our advance halted and I was forced to recite the Canticle of Faith to steady my squad. But then an imposing figure appeared and my heart was gladdened. Our great Lord and Primarch Roboute Guilliman himself strode forward, ignoring the mélée around him, straight towards Alpharius. The two Primarchs stood before each other. They were equal in stature, both clad in shining power armour and each wielding a glittering powersword, but where one was noble the other was craven, where one was loyal the other was a betrayer. All other combat ceased as we watched them. There was a long pause, neither Primarch moving an inch, then both struck in an instant. Each sword made a single stroke and then both were still again. For a second the two great men stood facing, before Alpharius slumped to the ground.


>The following account appears to be the personal log of a member of the Ultramarines strike force, probably a sergeant. It is included in Inquisitor Kravin’s diatribe Lessons of Strife, though other Inquisitors and representatives of the Ultramarines themselves have questioned its validity. The original document was purportedly discovered in a system Earth-ward of Eskrador.

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When Dan Abnet reveals that The alpha legion marine working with Eisenhorn is actually one of the legions primarch's how will you take it?

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Long story short, they're one of the Legions that joined Horus during the Heresy and fought against the Imperium.

Because Alpharius was the last Primarch found by the Emperor, there is far less know about him and his Legion than there is about the other Primarchs and their Legions. Their preferred tactics are infiltration and sabotage.

Their cruel methods during the Great Crusade were condemned by Roboute Guilliman, whose honourable tactics were designed to bring worlds into the Imperium without leaving the infrastructure wrecked and the population angry and terrified, but Horus was impressed by their skill. Other than those two, their relationship with the other Legions is mostly unknown.

The preferred tactics and the mystery surrounding their Primarch have somehow lead to the ridiculous meme that they are double agents still loyal to the Emperor and/or the Imperium and that they have Legionnaires that has infiltrated the Imperium and reached trusted positions within a Loyalist Chapter or the Deathwatch.

There is no fluff corroborating this theory.

Basically, they're just another bunch of sociopathic assholes, but because they are sociopathic assholes with unknown motivations and goals, some people like to fill in the blanks with ludicrous theories.

In the actual fluff, the Legion has splintered into warbands and they are basically acting like a mix between the Raven Guard (weakening the enemy with sabotage and assassinations before direct combat) and the Word Bearers (co-opting or manipulating cults to expand their operations).

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Hey guiz, I found some astartes walking near my house.

Nice helm they had. Where can I get one of those?

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