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So many stories are about wayward just embraced vampire children mooning over their recent mortal life because that's were all the interesting drama is.

But if you imagine the WoD world to exist in irl then it should stand to reason there are a lot more people that just listened to their sire and took the elder controlled right of embrace very seriously. Elders are a big deal in WoD and they don't want every neonate jackass making 20 vampires. Until recently the population growth rate was very small so vampire overpopulation is a very serious concern.

Also you shouldn't project the modern world into the ancient. You can't just disappear into the anonymous masses like you can today to get away from your sire and clan elders. Medieval towns would have like 300 people. Medium cities, what, 2,000? You're gonna be noticed.

Elders in the old days probably had pretty tight control of their communities when they were awake.

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Has anyone had the chance to play with Mummy much yet?How did it turn out?

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I suspect he's absolutely serious in what he does. I'm not saying that it's inherently a bad thing to be fucked in the head though.

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How did White Wolf go from one of the most influential companies producing /tg/ material to being one guy who was bought out by CCP, the video game producing company that's brought us EVE?

How can something drop that low? Not ten years ago, World of Darkness had more guys playing it than D&D did.

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>Female vampires. Because I'm so vanilla I'm Diet.
Vampires don't necessarily have to be vanilla. I mean, if it's just the idea of fucking an unusually pale girl, yeah that's pretty boring.

But if you focus more on the necrophilia or blood-play aspects, or get off on the idea being killed and raised as an undead abomination, you can be just as perverse as the rest of us.

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Albinos are clearly just vampires.
>white skin
>red eyes
>burned by the sun

And have you ever seen an albino eating food? No? Now you know why.

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Because they usually feed on the living in some sense.

Whether blood, or BRAAIIIINNNNNSSSSS or souls, the undead usually want to kill you.

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More of what? Advice in this vein or talk between a player and a GM.

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For VTM or VTR:

>A strange sparkling vampire that doesn't burst into flames in sunlight has been fucking the masquerade something fierce.
>Prince sends PC's to investigate
>Vampire involved in fucked up relationship with teenage girl.
>turns out this has been going on for decades.
>turns out girl is actually changeling with very low clarity, and the vampire is actually some dude that has made a shit ton of contracts with her.
>Their affection is magically enforced, but if the PC's get high enough empathy rolls, they'll take note of the abusive behaviour they have with each other due to decades of built-up resentment.

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I like VtR over VtM. The covenant-based conflict just works for me more than clan-based stuff. Sure VtM could be played as an interesting Camarilla vs Sabbat story, but every DM I ever had just ran it like a silly setting full of vampire race wars.

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Vampires are delightful.

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