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Theoretical. Get a new writer for the Ultramarines.


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Hey /tg/

I'm looking to expand my Space Marine army and I really don't have any clue what to get next. Here's my army so far:

25 Tactical Marines
5 Scouts
1 Dreadnaught
1 Rhino
1 Predator
Command Squad
5 Terminators
10 Assault Marines
Chaplain with jump pack

I am leaning towards a Land Raider because I want my termies to have a transport or a drop pod for the dreadnaught.

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I can understand the hate but people tend to forget that the Ultras & the IF are actually bros and have been bros since the great crusade. at Guillimans shrine on Macragge, Dorn is one of the 4 statues next to Guilliman in stasis.

personally i think the Ultras have more depth than what you see at face value. like how Guilliman's origin story is actually a microcosm for the horus heresy. and like how Ultramar is not actually part of the imperium but a separate empire considered allied with the imperium (don't know if that got retconed or not)

i guess i always liked em cause they're one of the few chapters who are actually doing good. or as close to good as things can get in 40k.

but to each his own.

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Hey Hey Hey! Guess who has two thumbs and is ready to save the day? THIS GUY! hahaha

just kidding, (but not really)

WHOA! what happend here? this place is a mess!

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I've got a couple of things I need to check involving Matt Ward's Ultrasmurf abominations.

The first being where does it state Sicarius' company has more honours than most chapters?
The second being where does it say Telion's ability is so great he takes into account the curvature of the planet when making shots?

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Yo /tg/,

I've had a long and sordid history with warhammer 40k. I thought it was cool beyond cool when I was eight years and had my parents buy me a whole fuck-ton of models (space marines). I assembled them and spray painted them blue and used my underdeveloped motor skills to commit horrors against the emperor on the detail work. This was cerca 2nd edition

I returned to it every few years, a major kick being in high school where I actually learned to paint within my means (I have shaky hands, I just let the details go and get a good "gritty" look by using dark washes.

I've graduated college now, I think I want to get my figs out and meet some fellow nerds at the local game store. (in Kansas City, for those that wanna know).

In reviewing the models that I have that are presentable, I have:

A squad of deathwing terminators, with inquistor
One ultramarine tac squad
A Dreadnought (ultramarine)
A landspeeder (christ I hope thats the right name and not something I'm ripping from star wars, dark angels)
Techmarine, chaplain

Then I have a horde of fugly bolter-wielding smurfs, missle launcher smurfs, some shite bulky smurfs (ultramarines terminators) and a rhino

And still in their original fucking boxes cause my lazy 8 or 14 yr old self never got around to it, an assault squad, a devastator squad, a captain, a librarian, an apothecary, another command squad.

So my question to you is this, how can I pick and choose amongst this mess to put together a decent army for whatever point value matches people are playing these days?

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"Thoroughly excited by what I'd learnt in the Design Studio, I decided to press on and so headed in the direction of the Licensing office, there to speak to Graeme Nicoll and one time White Dwarf Editor, Owen Rees, about our partners in the digital realm and much more.

"We've got loads!" Owen exclaims. "When it comes to Games Day, all the companies that Games Workshop works with are always eager to show off their work, and rightly so - it's amazing.

"Fantasy Flight Games will be bringing a range of their new games including Chaos in the Old World and the brand new Horus Heresy, both of which customers will be able to play at the special demonstration gaming tables."

FFG have also been hard at work creating the new Warhammer: Invasion card game expansions and battle packs, as well as a range of expansions for existing products including Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Talisman and Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay - you can read more about Deathwatch in this month's News.

"And we've got more," Graeme smiles knowingly from the other side of his desk. "At this year's Games Day we'll be showing sneak previews of next year's Space Marine game for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, revealing the brand new Warhammer 40,000 Online game, and footage from the forthcoming Ultramarines movie."

Tantalising stuff, indeed. Sadly, however, this was as much as I was able to glean before being spotted by one of the security servitors hidden in the corner and promptly escorted from the room."

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Terminator thread?

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Why is it the older the armour the cooler it looks? Seriously, the new armour looks like shit in comparison to the pre-Heresy/Heresy era suits.

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Writen by Dan Abnett, shove it up your ass......

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I hated Wings of Liberty's happy ending


At least we know that bitch will betray everyone in the next expansion.

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Probably Cataphract armour, too.

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Meh, you greasemonkeys and your omnissiah.

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indeed, but there good looks only mask their unbearable shame. for they know they will never be as majestic and pure as ultramarines.

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Ultramarines FTW

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I really like "old school" jump packs.

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