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What ancient animals would be good for a campaign? What hordes would your BBEG use? Which would be best for mounts?

Pic very related.

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I'm gonna bring up some prehistoric creatures, because hey, you can't go any scarier than actual history.

Not all of these things (but many of them) existed in the swamps of the past, but who gives a fuck. You can put ANY of them in a swamp. Where better to discover long forgotten ancient monsters?

Especially when the water is black, moss and fungus cover every inch of water and they could jump up to devour you at any time.

Take this for example. There are many varieties of ancient giant sea creatures that were the ancestors of the modern Scorpion. This is one of the modern versions. The ancient versions were the size of a rhino.

Yes, giant underwater scorpions. They actually existed. They still exist.

Imagine you're sailing along, just fine, when all the sudden THE CLAW OF A FIFTEEN FOOT LONG GIANT UNDERWATER SCORPION RIPS SOMEONE OUT OF THE BOAT.

You see red clouds in the water, and the clacking as you realize you're surrounded from every angle...

(Historically the largest was 8ft long, but there's no fun in not exaggerating at least a little. Plus evil swamp magic.)

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