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Not arguing which is the better system for RPGs or anything like that here, but I have a question for you /tg/.

What gaming system (and edition if applicable) do you think has/had the best Dungeon/Game Master Guide in the sense it properly told a newbie DM how to world build, adventure build, story build, and encounter build given the game's system in such a way that many of the lessons learned from that book made them an overall better DM in regards to gaming in general?

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Alright, I got some players that want to go full on fuck crazy ERP magical realm to the 11th power to just bust their collective nerd nuts all over the imaginary landscape one time really hard instead of a bunch of innuendo and shit so we can game properly.

What system do I use?

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Guys, I have a super cute weiner dog that has wondered up into my yard. I gave it some pets and a half a sandwich. It showed up right about nightfall and is now scratching at my front door.

It's like, I want to let it inside, but how do I know its not a vampire?

When I open the front door, it stares at the threshold and looks up at me and then just sits down not entering because I haven't told it can come in.

That's a red flag.

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What, in your personal opinion, is the best deckbuilding game out there and why?

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How would you make Dorf Fort into a co-operative card game?

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What is your favorite non-magic card game?

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Well, I just finished my collection of all available materials for an RPG that I really enjoy and is no longer being reprinted and probably won't get another edition.

It feels neat to round out a collection.

What gaming collection have you completed that you are proud of?

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So, the USA army armed to gill with everything including nukes and the capabilities to manufacture more gets sucked into the D&D universe.

How well do they fare all things considered?

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What board game company do you feel is the best?

Pic not related

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Have you ever completed a gaming collection?

If so, what was it?
How did it make you feel?

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What is the best role playing system?

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My usual gaming buddy has told me he is burnt out and just wants to rest for a while because I have been slamming him with games.

He may have a point, in the past 6 months I have purchased the following.

Fate (core, accelerated, deck, dice, worlds 1 and 2, and System Tool Kit)
Atomic Robo RPG
Fate Freeport Companion
Savage Worlds
Horror Companion
Super Powers Companion
Fantasy Companion
Sci-Fi Companion
Deadlands reloaded (marshall's guide, player's guide, smith and robbards 1880 catalog)
Dungeon World
D&D 5ed (core books, ToD adventure, DM Screen, loads o dice and the PoA pre-ordered)
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords (all add-ons too)
Monster Boss
Android Netrunner
Castle Ravenloft Boardgame (4ed really is better suited for board games)
Legendary Marvel Deck Building Game (Dark city and Guardians of the Galaxy Expansions)
Legendary Encounters: Aliens
DC Deck Building game (so inferior to Marvel's game, I don't give a shit if I ever play it again)
Dungeon Roll
Epic Spell Wars Wizards Battle at Mt. Skyllfyre
Rounded out my Mage Wars collection so I have everything for that game now too

Plus several video games.

I don't have a local gaming store. So where do you guys go to meet people to game with?

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What are some fast, easy to set-up and easy to play games?

Shit we can dick around with when one of our party members is running 30 minutes late or someone has to do a food run and we don't want to advance without them?

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What card games do you enjoy other than Magic The Gathering?

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>Get behind a copper truck in traffic
>It is covered with rust and sand
>I see the word DarkSun stamped into the steel on the tailgate and honk my horn, giving the driver a thumbs up out my window and an approving nod.
>Driver is a really old man with a weather worn face who looks at me confused and rumbles away
>It was then that I realized the tailgate actually read Datsun.

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Alright, gang, I have amassed quite a few RPG systems over the past few months I am wanting to try to game with. I have a group that is balls deep in D&D fifth edition for right now, so I have time to iron out all the shit I need for a game if I have to customize me a campaign from scratch.

Which should I start with first once we get away from D&D for a spell?

I have the following:

Fate- Core, System Toolkit, Freeport Campanion, Dresden Files RPG, and Atomic Robo

Savage Worlds - Explorer's handbook, Horror Companion, Super Power Companion, Sci-Fi Companion

Dungeon World

I don't have much in the way of miniatures, but do have some that can fit the bill even if they aren't all thematic and what not. An loads of dice, a big ass vinyl map of 1-inch squares (hexes on the other) and the usual gaming gear.

I just want to know which is the easier system to transition to? Which do you think is fun enough to get them coming back into? Which is the easier one to make a custom setting with? And which you just flat out prefer over the others.

Inb4 Gurps. I don't have Gurps and have played it in the past and wasn't a fan.

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What gaming systems have you played? Which ones did you like the best? The least?

>D&D (all editions)
My main stay because it is a common game that many people know the mechanics off. Other gaming systems are better for a lot of reasons, but this isn't bad and it is incredibly easy to find a group of players for.

>White Wolf Old Series
Fuck this system. Love the story teller aspect, but god damn it, I shouldn't have to roll a couple of fist fulls of d10's to figure out if I punch a fucker in the mouth.

Loved the setting and the reward system for playing in character. The poker play system was unique but also kind of shitty and drug out combat way too long.

Best played with the Fate deck in my opinion. It is excellent for a narrative game, probably one of the easiest systems to break completely new table top players into actual role playing sessions, but a total choir to get people used to if they have loads of experience with other systems because it is so different. Min Maxers can't get into it all.

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With the offical release of the DMG, fifth edition D&D is officially here.

Having gone over all the material, I have to say, this is hands down the best version of D&D I have ever played AND ran. Simple mechanics, the DMG loot tables and rewards make pumping out rewards to keep adventurers exploring.

The monsters don't suffer from crazy bloat either. Unfortunately they don't have the creatures separated by geographical hangouts, CR, or other something of that nature.

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Anybody got some good random generators?

For example, this is a random flaw generator. I might use it for my next character I create.


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So, I am reading over 5th edition so far and having played all the editions of D&D, I feel like 5th is probably the best.

3rd was my main for a long time and it was a pretty decent system until you got past level 8, then shit started getting ridiculous and it was way too easy to break.

4th edition played more like a tabletop miniatures game and got too far away from the role playing element for my tastes. It was actually really balanced in terms of combat roles though, I have to admit.

AD&D was alright too, but THAC0 was retarded and a lot of the game just didn't mesh with my group after playing the newer versions so we didn't spend much time with it.

Even though it uses 3.5, Pathfinder got fucking crazy. Gunslinging monks and Vampire strippers were starting to show up in our games and while it is fun, it also damn sure isn't D&D anymore and it evolved into its own game in my opinion.

5th edition gets the roleplaying part right and streamlined a bunch of bullshit. Haven't really gotten to the higher levels yet, so no telling if it gets as broken as 3rd edition got, but so far it is more like a simplified combat version of 3rd edition with elements of FATE mixed in for story telling. FATE is a system I loved and this is a great blending of the two. Running FATE get complicated at times with how loose it is, so bringing things back to the D&D setting with clearly established rules but enough play to muck about with things really hits the sweet spot for me.

Releasing the core rulebooks in stages is probably the stupid shit ever though....

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