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This is why I refuse to use plasma. It's more trouble than its worth. If I need a heavy weapon I'm taking lascannons.

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Hmm, alright so say it's more specifically to acquire a plasma weapon for a single member of a single squad, would there be a way keep it indefinitely, or would you think they'd have to constantly either re-convince/ check with the QM to keep it over the course of the campaing?

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Why don't they just make plasma guns so that they vent heat AWAY from the user? Or is that some kind of techno-heresy or something?

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40k humor thread? 40k humor thread.

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I like your lines. You're eloquent enough.
But, do you need to put your face in it?
I mean no offense to you. It's just that you have a pretty punchable face, and watching it makes me want to punch it.
Anyway. Other point I might say is that your review looks pretty lenghty, this might scare a bunch of people off.
All in all, I liked your style.

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Probably depends if they actually gave a shit or not. Who knows, it's the fucking chaos gods. They answer to no one.

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Yeah, I'd be willing to put money that the upcoming DA book gets some sort of plasma bonus.

And plasma is so good against the current MEQ low-AV meta and is the closest thing Loyalists have to good old fashioned Orky fun, everyone should try it.

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Someone was looking for this?

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> lead is harmful
> lead

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I saw it few days ago before 4chan went down. more bumping.

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pic fucking related

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sup /tg/

Game today at the local tabletop store.

Putting the finishing touches on my army list.

I'm doing ultramarines with a lil help from the daemonhunters in the form of an inquisitor hq and callidus.

They'll be backing 2 tac squads, a scout squad and some terminators, if the game I play ultimately leaves room for it.

My HQ squad will be rocking the long-range heavy support role. 2 heavy weapon servitors, a sage, and a psycannon on the inquisitor.

Question is, what heavy weapons should I take on the servitors? Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon or Multimelta.

Also, does /tg/ think I should change the makeup of my retinue, more sages/warriors etc?


Captcha insults my callidus assassin and gives me a great idea for a conversion:
>>serious cowspies

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I have encountered a problem.

The Boltgun is too good.

Hear me out. The Astartes Boltgun stats are as follows:

Astartes Boltgun: Basic, 100m, S/2/4, 2d10+5 X, Pen 5, Mag 28, Full Reload, Tearing

Meanwhile compare it to the Meltagun and Plasma Rifle:

Astartes Plasma Rifle: Basic, 100m, S/2/-, 1d10+9 E, Pen 8, Mag 40, 4 Full Reload, Volatile
Astartes Meltagun: Basic, 20m, S/-/-, 2d10+8 E, Pen 13, Mag 6, 2 Full Reload

Now, the Plasma Rifle can use Maximal mode which is +1d10 damage and +2 Pen, each shot consumes 3 ammo, and the weapon gains the Overheat and Recharge Traits, meaning you might cook yourself and it can only fire every other turn.

In addition the Astartes Meltagun gains +1d10 damage when firing at short range (10m) or closer.

Why would I ever use one of these guns instead of the Boltgun? The Meltagun has limited applications against heavy targets like Crisis suits or enemy vehicles (which no stats exist for in Deathwatch itself, only in Into the Storm, a Rogue Trader book). However the Plasmagun has no advantage whatsoever. Its damage is weaker than the Boltgun and its rate of fire is lower. Even on Maximal mode. Its only advantage is that it autoconfirms righteous fury every time (however deathwatch marines already autoconfirm RF against Xenos, which is your main opponent most of the time).

Meanwhile the Boltgun has great damage, has tearing which gives it 3 chances for Righteous Fury, it is capable of full-auto, it can use all that wonderful specialty ammunition, and, most importantly, its Free standard issue (unless you're an assault marine) and don't have to be Respected Renown to own it.

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Quick question /tg/. In fluff, when a plasma pistol explodes, how big and how powerful is the explosion? Basically what I am trying to figure out is if a plasma pistol would make a good grenade or bomb if that was all you had with you. I'll delete this thread after I get my answer unless you guys end up using it for something else.

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>You mean that MAXIMAL works with SEMI AUTO? *jawdrops*

I'm with you, holy shit, I never realized that!

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>Maximal Mode

Ah, thats why you'd want a Plasma Cannon. Funny, given I've only fired my Rogue Trader's Plasma Pistol on standard power setting ONCE, I am surprised I didn't think about that.

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Welcome to Warhammer! You want to field that unit? Make it yourself, we don't sell it!

Seriously though, you're probably better off making your own conversions instead of the headache of tracking down bitz. Grab an X-acto knife, grab some spare guns, and start gluing shit together.

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Las weapons - Laspistol, lasgun, lascannon
Plasma weapons - Plaspistol, plasgun, plascannon
Would /tg/ agree with these changes?

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