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Sorry mom. Also, I decided my name's not Mairon anymore, I want you all to to call me "King Excellent."


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>Did he personally have it out for the descendants of Beren and Luthien?
Yes. Let's examine Sauron's history with these two and their kids:

First, a little girl, a hobo, and their dog beat him in combat.

Then their kids escaped Middle-Earth and brought back with them the only army that could possibly defeat him and his boyfriend.

He was about to win anyway, but then their kids showed up again, in a fucking space ship, and killed Ancalagon.

He hatches a plan. He makes a bunch of rings that give a bunch of puppet-kings the power to control their nations. The rings also make the puppet-kings subservient to him. Then the descendents of Beren and Luthien, the Numenoreans, show up and their army is literally so big and powerful he doesn't even fight them, he just gives up.

He corrupts the Numenoreans and gets them to send their army against the Valar. Things are looking good for his plan to finally destroy the Numenoreans, but then Eru sinks Numenor too, destroying his body and permanently making him ugly.

Returning to Middle-Earth, the only reason Gil-Galad is able to defeat Sauron's army, and kill Sauron in battle, is because of help from the Numenorean colonists and surviving royalty. One of them takes the Master Ring.

So, by the beginning of the Third Age, yes, it's safe to say Sauron really, really hates the Numenoreans. The very first thing he does once in power is to send the Witch King to destroy the Northern Kingdom and a plague to destroy the Southern Kingdom. In addition to his title "Lord of the Earth," he also claims the title "King of Men," in direct conflict with the Numenorean claim to be "Kings of Men." Aragorn's family is always #1 on MORDOR'S MOST WANTED, including Aragorn himself in the War of the Ring, to the point where Aragorn coming out of hiding and revealing himself to Sauron is considered a Really Big Deal.

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I'd darken his skies

with my dick

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Sounds good
It's Sauron, everyone is gonna fuck him, drunk or not.
This is all I got man.

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>implying you need to be gay to know a good thing when you see it

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You must just have a purty mouth

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>erect a mighty spire

Too easy, Anon

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Seduced by the promise of domination and power over Creation, I would imagine. Although of course if they really wanted to get lewd and lascivious, that's hardly the most evil thing either of them ever did.

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>is it just me or is Sauron hot

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Teach me your ways, mighty Anon

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