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I'd like to help, but you are talking like we know this character.

We don't.

Please give a detailed list of what she does, and we'll help you out.

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You want everyone to kill their companion cubes so you aren't the only one who did. Leave us be, you cubeless freak.

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Smoke covers the ancient battleground in the depths of jungle. A war millennia forgotten, mighty titans and battle barges lay overgrown with vines and tenacious undergrowth. As grand as they once stood, none on /tg/ remember them, nor why they battled and died so far from home. In the largest clearing of the graveyard, along the chest of an Imperator Titan, three figures stand motionless. A /tg/ Anon stands between a typical attention whore Namefag and a 40K Anon in silence. The 40K Anon grips a naval pistol. In his spare hand is a book of prayers to the Emperor.

40K Anon: “Where is your Guardsman armour? Why did you take it off? I told you not to trust her. She's only thinking about herself. She doesn't care what happens to /tg/; she doesn't care what happens to anyone. But you have a Space Marine army and threads that you contribute to, and those Cata-chan threads, you want to browse more of those, don't you? Of course you do; that's normal; you're thinking like an adult. Come over here. Don't let her substanceless threads manipulate you.”

Without a word, the Anon turns his back on the 40K Anon, slowly walking to the Namefag and her barely /tg/ related threads.

40k Anon: “What are you doing? How much pain before you realize? Are you out of your mind? You brat!”

Powerless, he can only watch as the Anon reaches the Namefag. Smiling, she pulls him close and hugging him in reassurance and reward. His Name field changes after a few moments. It is never blank again.

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The eyebrows don't make the man.

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