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My list

>Dakka flyrant with Hive commander -230 (Warlord)

>2 Zoanthropes

>30 Termagants
>10 Termagants with devourers
>5 Genestealers with Broodlord
>3 Tyranid Warriors

>Fast attack
>3x3 Spore Mines

>Heavy Support
>2 Biovores
>2 Mawlocs

His list

>Cadre Fireblade
>Darkstrider (warlord)

>2x3 Crisis Suits
>Riptide with heavy burst cannon

>2x 12 Fire Warriors
>2x 6 Fire warriors

>Fast Attack
>1x5 Pathfinders
>1x6 Pathfinders

>Heavy Support

Will post the battle report next.

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Alright OP, here's my two cents, for what they're worth.

Genestealers have a large brain and function independently of the Hive Mind, allowing them to adapt extremely fast (source Codex:Tyranids).
As a Broodlord, you can turn your brood into Tyranids whose smell and pheromones are untraceable.
Bingo! The furry bitch can't evolve herself, and you'll beat her with shenanigans. You can also make use of Aura of Despair to scare the crap out of your foes.
You can even go full Ymgarl on them.

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Are there many of us that want a WH41k? I would like the story to continue for another millennium.There's the suspense concerning whether or not all the Necrons will wake up, the question of whether or not the Void Dragon will show up, and, of course, whether or not we attack Terra with full force.

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>chaos is everywhere doing everything. but it is just an entity as the warp is itself a living creature of mysterious will and entrophy.
Ah, yes, chaos, as in, DISORDER, is supposed to exist everywhere. But only the few lucky galaxies get a warp dimension, eh?

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Yeah man, we're on our way.
Try to keep the food warm.

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Yay! More win for us!

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All units troop count is as comes unless stated other wise, so i have 3 DA Anything you think i should take out for the Serpents? Last time i was here an anon told me DA were actually pretty solid and could fill many roles

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