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Of course, an enslaver army list would probably be better as a "horrors of the warp" list, comprising various other non-daemons.
Astral Specters
Astral Hounds (who might very well be kymerae)

Along with your standard meat puppets.

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Did someone say 40k art???

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desperation bump

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rolled 34 = 34

I like where this is going

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Hey /tg/.

I'm planning on running a DH campaign in the near future. First time with DH, but long time 40kid. My players are expecting CHAOS and WITCHES so I've decided to throw the Xenos at them. I was wondering where the DH rules for tyranids are? I found Genestealers and Lictors in creature's anathema, but is that it?

want to have them deal with a Genestealer infestation in the making. First off have them deal with a tendril on one planet, find it's come from another planet and have them deal with a more widespread infestation there. If it goes well, I'll figure something else out, but if it goes bad I want them to advise the Inquisitor on how salvable it is, and if it's exterminatus time. If they decide not to, I plan on having them deal with more and more 'nids, as they try and evac important people as shit gets real.

thoughts excellen/tg/ents?

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> Lictor: Yo, Dissecticus, what's happenin'?
> Hive Tyrant: Hey Stabius, nothin' much. Gathering biomass on some Imperial world - you?
> L: Oh, you know, sneaking around, murdering people wit ma arm-blades - the usual.
> H: Good times man, good times.... Hey, have you seen Broodicus?
> L: Eh, he's off brooding - HA - over something... I think he's still all butt-hurt over the Norn Queen refusing to let him start a new cult on-world.
> H: What's up wit him an cults? That nigga is cult-crazy.
> L: Yeah, well, what do you expect? He's a Genestealer... You know how them niggas roll.
> H: Ugh, grimey man. Just grimey.
> L: Alright, I gotta go - people to stab, IG girls to tentacle rape... You know the drill.
> H: 'Aight man, you take care. And tell that crazy Zoanthro-bitch you've been messing around wit I said 'Hi, you psyker bitch.'
> L: You better be careful man - she might be listening. And you know how fond she is of making things blow the fuck up... Heck, that's why I love her.
> H: Dude... You love her?
> L: Yeah, man, I think I do.... Oh, hey, those Gaunts have stopped to rape some civilians...
> H: God damn it... HEY! YES, YOU! QUIT THAT! THAT COMES LATER! GET - Damn it, I gotta handle this, take it easy man.
> L: Yeah, you too bro. *disappears*

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Reallu don't have too much of that man, just not my style but I'll look.

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[I know this is from WH40k, but I like the morphology]

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is it pronounced waah or waugh?

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One last shameless bump before bed. Something else that will come out when the warp counter gets high in pic related.

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Enslavers codex had great art.

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game will be shit.

you heard it here first

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Enslavers are not headcrabs.

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>A 2 faction game works for PvE focused worlds where PvP is optional, like for example World of Warcraft.
We know the Nids are in as a solely PvE faction. Quite possibly as a balancing mechanic; if Order or Chaos get the upper hand, the Nids can launch more attacks against them.

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