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Pictured: literally the reason why I could never like DoW2 as a game campaign and art style were good though

I still like and play DoW1 today, albeit with mods.

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Nobody thinks that

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> It doesn't matter that you're killing Genestealers, it's that you're doing it in the cramped corners of a space hulk where you can be ambushed at any turn

True, but if the gameplay doesn't come through as well all the atmosphere will be for nothing. I play games for gameplay;I can get atmosphere just by watching a movie or reading a book instead. I'm no /v/irgin, but I do think that the importance of atmosphere has been exaggerated in vidya as of late.

>This. I'm scared that they're going to make it more casual. DOW II was some mashup of a game that wasn't the true RTS it should have been.
More specifically, it was recycling the CoH2 engine which by now has been thoroughly bled dry.Pic related might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it illustrates the point well enough.

On the bright side, the campaign was good (in vDoW2 and CR at least; Retribution's was too short for my tastes and lacked the replay value from wargear collecting and build flexibility), and Last Stand was decent as a time waster if nothing else.

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No, I hated Dawn of War II. Hated it. I never picked up or tried any of the expansions and I hear they made the game more like Dawn of War I, but I don't know if the core game was redeemable. Pic fucking related, and it doesn't even cover all of my issues with the damn game.

I cannot express to you how disappointed in DoW II I am and was. My buddy and I waited for ages to get into the beta. And when we did... My god. The taste in my mouth is as bitter as ashes.

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