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got a dm. got 2 players. just need 2 or 3 more players

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Let's try this again-

So, my roleplaying recently had a crisis of membership that resulted in all standing games being nuked. Of the two people willing to run immediately after, the one I was saddled with is running Albedo.

Albedo, for those not in the know, is essentially Sci-Fi Ironklaw. Furries through space. Good times. I and most other players have no love for the fur, but the mechanics seem solid enough. Though SUPPRESSIVE FIRE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Looking to make the ideal six man team for Heavy Infantry. Only req is that lead has a spec for Leadership and hits 30 SPI. Everyone else are stealthy squishies, or drop squads. I am the linchpin. Make this squad the greatest fur exterminators you can, fa/tg/uys, I beg of thee.

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Requesting sauce on this comic.

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Like sexism is part of the FGC?

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I take it you don't remember the desperate times we were in back then.

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Implying the God Emperor could ever lose, implying the god emperor suffers the mutant to live implying the galaxy isn't filed with little fur balls been cleansed with the emperors holy fire.
This tread is heresy.

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>this thread

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Yotsuba as a SoB is kind of cute.
Also OP go look on 1d4chan. Lods of pictures and stories there.

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I've been off for a while, a loonnnngg while.
Anything interesting happen in the wold of traditional gaming? Does /tg/ still want to be the little girl/is flare still a PoS who spams threads?

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Too late the /b/tards mobilized their arsenals of porn and lolicon and the furries gained much ground over 4chan. Branching out from their stronghold of Furry-Friday, and although the /b/tards fought bravely, it was not enough.... soon the other days of the week were ripped apart and flooded with the creatures, but just as all hope seemed lost...

From the north rode the Emprah of Mankind and his SPESS MAHREENS, along with all the other not as important 40k races, in all their glory and humanity fuckyeah. The furtide was pushed back. The furtide torn asunder, their corruption purged from Thursday, yes I remember the days.

DF. B&hammer purifying the minds of the damned and desperate. he was of the few first to emerge from the corrupted wastes of the DevArt cities.

Thus came the founding of the first fortress monastery within the lands of /b/, situated directly in the center of the week.

Warhammer Wednesday.

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Oh wait this one is pretty old.

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>Warhammer 40k art
>Nobody posted this

You're getting old, 4chan

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just putting this here.

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