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>"where's the fluff"
>in a system that's deliberately setting-agnostic

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GW has Renegade Marines in the fluff. They're traitor marines who aren't chaos.

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That wasn't a very interesting story.

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What cum are you swilling? Roles are part and parcel with the ttrpg. Fighters, wizards, rogues mother fucker, do you speak it? All other classes are permutations of these three archetypes. Just because they don't fall into the MMO roles of Tank, Support, DPS doesn't mean they aren't roles.

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>9th Edition
>Tanks can now fire in melee
>Just a cleverly disguised over sized can opener which was only good in fights against vehicles/fortifications couldn't fight back
>Tanks can now fight back and shoot in melee
Is there any point to taking maulerfiends now in this edition? I just liked having demon robot dogs rip shit open, but now I'm not even sure how good they are at that

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>The video announcing the new primaris even jokes about how much primaris they're shoving down our throats
It's over bois, they got us by the balls now

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Ignore it if it's horrible. Some of you are drama queens to an extreme over optional content. Are you a DM? Oh yeah? That's great. Now have some balls and just say no to the things you don't want in your game and if you aren't a DM, then find a DM that shares your opinion

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Sorry Fren but your GM is a guy with mental issues

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Well to put it in bullet points

-Was the ONLY primarch to not to end up ruling the world they landed on
-Instead he was a slave who failed to escape several times
-Got brain raped by the rage nails
-Now considered a coward on his world because everyone believes he ran away instead of fighting to do the death before he got snatched
-Joined the World Eaters
-Changed their entire combat doctrine effectively ruining years of combat training and combat drills
-Making the world eaters probably one of the only legions to be negatively impacted by getting their primarch
-Forced his legion to get brain nails
-They told him to fuck off
-He killed those guys
-Kharn submitted and got brain nails
-When he fights Leman Russ he calls himself the winner by the logic he got more kills even though he lost the battle
-His own legion still fuckin hates him
-Becomes a daemon prince
-STILL gets his ass beat by other primarchs
-2nd biggest daddy issues behind mortarian

It's all painfully ironic really since he was suppose to represent the Big E's compassion but due to butt plugs in his brain he's no longer capable of that and ever since becoming a slave I don't think he's really had like a SINGLE GOOD win to really own as his entire record shows he probably has the most marks against him and is on the biggest losing streak. He probably has it worse off than the Lamentors honestly

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But you already gave him a (you)

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>Joining a new group
>Don't know what everyone else is playing
>Though we're all pretty new to 5E
>Decide on a Drow Sorcerer
>Others are Monk, Fighter, Cleric and Warlock
>Nothing to crazy or out of the ordinary the first 3 levels as far as I can tell
>But level 4 though
>Monk takes magic initiate
>Takes druid spells
>Takes Primal Savagery
>"I attack with primal savagery"
>"Then I flurry of blows and cast primal savagery 2 more times"
>My face knowing that just isn't right
>DM let's it happen
>My face knowing that I'll have to talk to the DM after the game to shut down this monk

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>tfw no roman pokemon game to fight against the Zerg/tyranaid hybrid endless swarm

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>First they came for the -4 Strength, and I didn't say anything because I thought I was better and more educated than the regressive nerds who started the hobby in the 70s
>Then they came for the alignment-dependent mechanics and I didn't say anything because all morals are relative and nothing is absolute.
>Then they came for the orcs and drow's roles as easily understood RPG villains and I didn't say anything because I was afraid I'd look like a Nazi for saying there was no reason for drow and orcs to not be villains in the context of specific settings or factions.
>Now they're coming for Oriental Adventures and I can't say anything because I accepted everything else that WOTC has done to make the game more progressive and less traditional, but I really don't believe that orientalism is a bad thing considering people in those cultures occidentalize us as well and it's something all cultures do to some extent about foreign cultures.

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I took a break from MTG after Commander 2018 and I participated in threads here for a long time before that. I don't recall seeing ANY angelposting or Avacyn waifufagging until I came back a month ago.

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At this point I'm wondering if he is serious or just pretending to be retarded. Maybe both.

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So, stinking cloud has been banned from the game because Jeff over here has an erection.

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Dude, you made a thread for THIS? Fuck man, do you want to poat your shopping list too?

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>People unironically using "Fighting is training!" argument.

The state of D&D-brains is fucking appalling.

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What exactly? That skepticism is the superior approach on a site dealing with "invent shit" hobby?

Sure, no prob. Observe:
> I make up stories periodically and hardly anyone questions them.
Anon himself admits of inventing stuff.

Now, you're free to proceed about your usual business, which is, I assume, fellating a well hung goat. Godspeed, Anon!

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sometimes people just don't like each other for whatever reason. Maybe some girl broke up with them in high school, and all the other girls in the school laughed at him so he developed a deep-seated hatred for women. He got in with the nerd crowd and learned about MTG. After playing for many years, he made a youtube channel and harassed a cosplayer who played magic until she quit, just to get his revenge.

I think that's what hatred is like, anon.

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