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OP here.

Based on past experiences with D&D and nWoD, I would describe my group as, uh... pretty balanced.

We've got one roleplayer who always tries to shore up the gap in our party's social skills, counteracting our rollplayer who doesn't fully grasp the concept of "in character speech" and focuses primarily on combat, but also doesn't grasp numbers very well so he can't minmax for shit.
One tends to go with strange gimmicks that he will try to minmax as much as possible. Like, a barbarian that really, really specializes in breaking shit, or a weapon master who specializes in the renowned art of the shovel.
The last two players are fairly even on the rollplay vs. roleplay scale.

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I'm well aware that monk is well into the shit-tier category, but that doesn't stop me from liking the theme of a guy breaking down doors with punches, stopping blades with his bare hands and roundhouse-kicking ogres into unconsciousness.
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