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shit, son. It's mothafuken Huron Blackheart ('cept hes a white honky nigga cyborg not a nigga) Bet yo' momma would suck 10 slaaneshi dicks just to SEE this guy. He gives all of his Red Corsair homies infiltrate and gets to use them space magics because the gods like him. Yes he is the man.

unlike certain armless failures living in the eye

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Lufgt Huron.
What's the female form of Lufgt?

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Yo, what up /tg/?

So, I'm new to the whole WH40K thing but, I've been doing my research and I've decided to make an army of Red Corsair Space Wolves that I'm gonna call the Cosmos Coyotes. I like the idea of a bunch of rough and tumble space pirates that stick it to the man.


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Yeah, unlikely, even if the devs do have a major boner for the Red Corsairs (from just over 200 Marines to Legion size in less than a century). They've already taken the Dark Apostles and given them to every other Legion (I think), no need to spit on the Word Bearers any more.

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Sup Logan, thanks for the ship and all those new recruits.

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>Realising his peril, Huron flees the bridge though is seemingly slain by Mordrak himself before he can vanish into the bowels of his ship. Alas, on death ‘Huron’ reverts to its natural form – that of a daemonic doppelganger which presumably exchanged places with Huron in the moments he was out of Mordrak’s sight.

Cowards die in shame.

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Ah, okay. Thanks for that, it's been a while since I read Blood Reaver. Though it isn't presented as 100% fact, it still raises the possiblity that Huron could indeed be the next big thing in Chaos. Impressive for a Chapter Master who only turned renegade at the beginning of M41..

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Red Corsair, standing by.

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Hey /tg/, what's the relationship like between old timer CSM legions from Horus Heresy and the newer renegade turned Chaos CSM chapters? Do the legions welcome new comer with open arms or is there any animosity between them? Do they even work together?

Say Mr Despoiler decides to go on a trip and visit the Maelstrom and meet Huron Blackheart. Would he recognize Huron as a legit power player among the chaos forces or would he dismiss him as a poser? If he calls for a new Black Crusade would the Red Corsairs fight underneath Abaddon's banner?

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But Grand Master Mordrak has an especial hatred for Huron Baldheart for blowing up his butthole brothers.

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This is probably one of the better list critique threads I've seen on /tg/. OK, I'll post mine - I'm trying to do a Red Corsairs list and keep it fluffy (so minimal cult troops, daemons, going for a scavenger/renegade theme) 1850 points.

9 CSM Champ w/ Power weapon, Flamer x 2
Rhino/Xtra Armor combi-melta, IoCG

10 CSM, Champ w/ Fist, Melta x 2
Rhino/Xtra Armor or Havoc Launcher IoCG
5 Terminators, Champ with LC, combi-melta, CF
5 Terminators, Champ, combi-melta, Reaper AC,

Raptors x 10, Champ w/ LCs, 2 x flamers

Predator, AC HBSS
Oblits x 2

Hit and run meets shooty chaos meets melta spam. Termies come in off Icons in the squads. I'm sort of bored of running princes/zerkers/plagues/oblit spam, so I'm using this to try out Raptors, might add some bikes at 2K points.

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Go fuck yourself, halfbreed.

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>Playing as a random chapter
>Could be cool
>Spend 150 turns fighting fucking wave after wave of csm and renegade marines
>Really on my last tether, start slaughtering those implicite/in my way
>Finally defeat csm's
>Thank god I dont have to fight space marines anymore, these guys are hard as fucking nails.
>Get reassigned to badab sector to fight some tyrant
>Curiously check encylopedia on Huron. Renegade space marine, leading an army of dozens of other traitor marines.


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You have recently been made a champion of Chaos /tg/! Tell us about your self!

Human or Marine:
Why are you a Champion?:
Whats the most awesome thing you have done?:
Why are you risking it all at a chance at daemonhood?:

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Hey you elegan/tg/entlemen and ladies.

Its time to create us a dirty heretic.

1d100 decides if we are a Chaos Marine or a "normal" human.


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Hey /tg/ you know what time it is?

Its time for Create-A-Heretic! Using everyone favourite new Fantasy Flight RPG Black Crusade!

Now we can do this 2 ways, one is to go in order of the book with Race first or two is to avoid selecting a race first as it limits our class and just start with class.

Roll 1d100 highest number in the first 5 posts picks how we do this: Race or Class.

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So /tg/ I tried to get some advice on this last night with a different crowd (Ausfags) on and now I am trying with you while there are more active people.

tl;dr I wanna start a civil war between the Blood Ravens and other Imperial forces in my DW game for epic awesome, help me by posting ideas of where it could go.

Basically my DW game has gone the way of many games with in-party conflicts, speciffically my Dark Angels Devastator and our Ultramarine Bropothacary opening fire on our party's resident Psyker a Blood Ravens Libb. We did so after coming to a, what we see as anyway, logical conclusion that he was dealing with either a daemon of Slaanesh or just daemons as a whole. So we fired upon him and I managed to obliterate him with my heavy bolter and hoped that the taint would end there, sadly he was able to burn a fate point to get away with a shattered spine and be whisked away to a planet by an unknown patron. So we reported back to our inquisitorial rep about what happened and carried on our space adventure until we came out of the Warp near a planet with some ships orbiting it. And you guessed it, the ships are Blood Ravens battle barges; including Angelos's Litney of Fury. Which is where the last session ended.


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Hey /tg/ let me share a story with you and in turn give me your feedback on where it should progress.

In my current DW game after some faffing about which I won't go into here my character, a Dark Angels Devastator who served with the Ravenwing, has unloaded 4 bolter rounds into the back of a Blood Ravens Librarian, also a player, believed by my self and at least one other party member, my Ultramarine Bro-potharcy, to be busy helping Slanesshi Daemons or Daemons as a whole do evil nasty things. Now thanks to the burning of a fate point, which I am sure he is not pleased with having to do, he survived the attack with his spine shattered and was whisked away by forces unknown to a planet that happened to be occupied by other Blood Ravens. Now the Inquisition ship that the party is aboard, now short one traitors Inquisitor and one Blood Ravens Libby, has poped out of the warp in front of said planet which has 3 Blood Ravens battle barges, including Angelos's, orbiting it. Now they are probably quite pissed off that I shot one of their men even if I believe it was perfectly justified and they will likely either open fire or board us with the intent of killing all hands or simply killing our party. Most likely the GM we have, who if you are reading this Hopeless you are doing a great job, will give us a way out of a TPK with some Corruption points and that junk but to be honest I don't want to get out of a TPK at this stage. I am quite willing to start a new Badab-esque war over this if those Blood Ravens threaten us.

Now at this stage I am pretty good friends with the Salamanders and my own chapter; and I have an Ultra-Bro and a Black Templar with me on the ship who are probably just as interested in having some epic fun as me. I also have the loyalty of the crew of our Ordo Xenos ship and hopefully by extension some help from the rest of the Inquisition.

So the question is my dear elegan/tg/entlemen. Do I start a civil war in 40k?

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In Banks space opera universe, all species have the potential for good and any evil is just some kind of social construct.

Just going from observational precedent Mr. Banks I must respectfully say: Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong, Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong."

If humanity had even a hundreth of Culture tech we'd become a swarm of "hegomizing objects" that he seems to hate so much, as if reproducing yourself and your species was not the entire point of being an organism in the first place. And if left unchecked for even a short time we'd become a steam rolled that just devoured all available mass. And if you ran into a forces as powerful as more more powerful than the Culture we'd just throw men at the problem until it was dead. Having thirty trillion citizens and ships that can make tens of thousands of other ships over the course of centuries doesn't do much if you are facing a threat that has such huge numbers that it takes apart stars for resources, which apparently could be done in the Cultureverse.

Of course after devouring everything we'd turn on each other and savage ourselves for all eternity. Humanity is pretty much Chaos aligned as is.

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Huron, Khârn, Lucius, Typhus, and Ahriman?

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I've looked into the Eye of Terror
Where the heretic's journey ends
When you face the Eye of Terror
Even your soul begins to bend

For a week I have been waiting
Still I am only in Kasr Holn
The walls move in a little closer
I feel the daemons call me on

Every minute I get weaker
While in the warp they grow strong
What I wanted was a mission
And for my sins they gave me one

They brought it up just like a favour
'Cause the Inquisition gets what it wants
And when that mission was all over
I'd never want another one

I know, brother, that you've done this work before
We've got a problem, you can help us I am sure
The captain's fallen and his methods are unsound
You'll take a team to Cadia to track him down

There's a conflict in every human heart
And the temptation is to take it all too far
In this war things can get confused
But there are some things which cannot be excused

He's acting like a god - an insane heretic
Your mission: terminate, with extreme prejudice
Your route is dangerous and your progress may be slow
Here is the dataslate and it's all you need to know

Here I am, the knife in my hand
And now I understand why the genius must die

Now I stand alone in chaos
With his blood upon my hands
Where stood the warrior, the brother
Now lie the fragments of a man

I've looked into the Eye of Terror
Where the heretic's journey ends
When you've faced the Eye of Terror
Even your soul begins to bend

I've looked into the Eye of Terror

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Since the Red Corsairs get their own special character later in the book, the Badab Uprising stuff is on Huron's pages.

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