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Me and my wife are having a child in a few weeks. Its going to be a boy. We're thinking of a middle name...and both of us are geeks. We both decided the first name should be Joseph...but...that middle name...

I want
-Horus (Yeah yeah 40k.)
-Biggs (Darklighter)
-Kane (Lives!)

She wants
-Mario (To common...)
-Luke (To common...)
-Bones (Uhg)

Any opinions or suggestions? These likely won't get used but....its fun to think about.

What middlename can be used for A: a geek reference, B: sound -epic- behind Joseph

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I'm making a troll list for local "anything goes" tournament. 2,500 points.

3 Chaos Sorcerers, maxed out with 3+/3++, level 3. Ahriman as the 4th. mark of tzeentch on sorcs ofc.

30 mark of nurgle spawns

four 5 man squads of chaos marines, each champ with boon option and mark of tzeentch.

fill rest with cultists / fiends / whatever to help the list.

All 4 sorcerers will sit together, constantly casting boon on one champion at a time and/or each other. That is 1 starting boon + 4 sorcerer boon per-turn.

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