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Hay /tg/ Im just starting WH40k and i am looking for a bit of advice. I have people i can play with already and it is really casual, the only problem is i have never played before and i dont want to invest in an army blindly. I can form a general idea of what is good but it would be nice to have some advice from experienced players. The guys from the playgroup I will be joining have not had the time to show me how to play and help me out, but i want to get started on forming an army. I know I am going to play Eldar. I have the codex and i torrented the rulebook. Im thinking of making an army thats really good with hit and run and so far I like the way Illic Nightspear looks as an hq. I was thinking of using rangers and howling Banshees alot and maybe throw in a fire prism to fuck shit up at range. Like I said I am going in blind and would like some advice. I have found this http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/6th_Edition_Tactics/Eldar to be very helpful.

Here is some additional info:
>I will be facing space marines, Tau, Chaos marines, and maybe nids
>Army size is about 1500 points
>I doubt there will be any aircraft used
>Its super casual

Anything helps, and I will be bumping with some WH40k pics for a little while

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